Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restriction

Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions: All You Should Know

As a regular shopper at Walmart who has a Walmart  gift card, it is important to know the items that this gift card can’t purchase to enable you to make informed decisions before going shopping at Walmart.

As it is with other gift cards where there are certain items that you cannot buy with the gift card, the same thing is applicable to Walmart gift cards. Apart from the fact that there are items that you can’t purchase with the gift card, there are also regions and platforms where Walmart gift cards cannot be used to make purchases. Read on!

What Are Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions?

Walmart Gift Card Purchase Restrictions

As you may know, Walmart gift card purchase restrictions are those limitations that stop the gift card holder from carrying out different kinds of financial transactions.

With these restrictions, there are certain transactions that can’t be done with Walmart gift cards. Not only that, there are also regions and platforms where this gift card doesn’t serve as a legal entity. There are different kinds of Walmart gift card purchase restrictions and that’s what we shall be discussing in the next section. 

 Some Walmart Gift Card Restrictions

There are many Walmart gift card restrictions, they include:

1. Regions That Walmart Gift Cannot Be Use

There are some locations where you can’t use Walmart gift cards because there are no Walmart stores in those regions. This is to say even though they are highly in demand in some locations, there are regions that it can’t be used, such as Ghana, China, Gambia, Iran just to mention but a few.  

2. Products  That Can’t Be Purchased With The Walmart Gift Card

As I stated in the introduction, there are different products that you cannot purchase with Walmart gift cards. It may interest you to know that there are different types of Walmart gift but even at that, no matter the kind of the gift card you are holding, there are limitations to the products you can buy with it.  Some of the products that you can’t buy with the Walmart gift cards includes:

  • Firearms
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Lottery tickets
  • Another gift cards etc.

3. You Can’t Resale Walmart Gift Card

Walmart gift cards are not resaleable. This means you can’t resale it for cash or its equivalent even though there are different platforms where gift cards are resold but Walmart gift cards can’t be resold because it is prohibited.

4. You Can’t Return Walmart Gift Card

As a regular Walmart shopper, if you purchase a Walmart gift card to use it to carry out financial transactions and you later find that it doesn’t meet your requirements, you can’t return it back. This is applicable to all the types of Walmart gift cards including the plastic cards.

5. Walmart Gift Cards Cannot Be Combined To Buy New One

Walmart prohibits combining different gift cards to purchase a new one. Hence, you can’t buy a new Walmart gift card by combining your old gift cards.

6. Lost Walmart Gift Card Is Not Replaceable

Unfortunately, if by any unforeseen circumstances you lose your Walmart gift card, it won’t be replaced. Hence, it is very important to use your gift card with care because if lost, it can’t be replaced. In fact, it is best to treat gift cards as raw cash because they have money equivalent.

7. Stores Or Platforms That Does Not Accept Walmart Gift Card

Although Walmart gift cards are highly sought after, there are different stores or platforms that don’t accept it. This means that Walmart gift cards can’t be used to carry out financial transactions in such places. The platforms that doesn’t accept Walmart gift cards include:

  1. Taco bell
  2. Walgreens stores
  3. Amazon
  4. Automated Teller Machines
  5. eBay etc.

Can I Use A Walmart Gift Card To Buy Another Gift Card?

No, you can’t use a Walmart gift card to buy another gift card. Currently, Walmart prohibits customers from using their existing gift cards to buy new ones. Hence, you can’t combine different Walmart gift cards to purchase a new one. However, it may interest you to know that Walmart gift cards do not have expiry date, that is, you can continue using it so long as there is still balance in it.

Can You Return Walmart Gift Cards With Receipts?

No, you can’t return Walmart gift cards with receipts. According to Wlamart’s terms and conditions, their gift cards cannot be returned for cash or its equivalents unless in regions where it is stipulated by law.  


Walmart gift cards are highly sought after but there are still items that can’t be purchased with the gift cards such as ammunition, alcohol, tobacco etc. Apart from that, there are also platforms(stores) and regions where this gift card is not accepted as legal tender. 

Hence, we strongly recommend that you check the Walmart gift card restrictions before using it for shopping to enable you to make informed decisions and avoid frustrations while shopping at Walmart.

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