Easybuy Phones With Prices List

Updated Easybuy Phones With Prices List In 2023

Due to worsening economic challenges, sometimes people may want to buy smartphones but may not have the complete money to pay for the phone outrightly(upfront). If you’re in such a condition now, there is good news for you. Easybuy is here to help you out.

If you want to buy a smartphone and make some fractional down payment(10%) while paying the remaining amount on installment, Easybuy is a good option to consider.

Easybuy is a buy now pay later platform that allows their customers to buy smartphones and other appliances and make payment on installment basis. But you will make a down payment of about 10% of the total amount while the remaining amount will be spread over months according to their policy.

However, before you can enjoy the services of Easybuy there are basic requirements that you must meet but we shall be discussing that in the subsequent sections. To get full information on how Easybuy works and the current prices of their phones keep scrolling through this article.

Easybuy Working Principle

Easybuy Phones With Prices List

As we have noted in the introduction that Easybuy works on the principle of ‘’buy now pay later’’ but there is more to that.

If you visit any of the Easybuy outlets to buy a smartphone, you are expected to make a 10% down payment of the total amount while you’ll pay the remaining amount on installment over a specified period of time.

For example, let’s assume you buy Tecno Pop 5 Pro from Easybuy store at the cost of N63,00, you will need to make a 10% down payment which N6,300. While you will pay the remaining N56,700 on installment that will be spread over months depending on the agreed terms.

Meanwhile, what happens is that Easybuy will buy these phones in bulk and pay off the cost price. Then when you check-in at any of their outlets to buy from them, they will add some money on the cost price and that’s how they make their profit.

How To Repay Easybuy Phone Loan

Repaying the Easybuy phone loan is pretty easy because they will install a mobile app which will be linked to the account you will use for the repayment. On a monthly basis, the amount will be deducted automatically from your linked account. You may also opt to repay it manually.

Consequences For Not Repaying Your Easybuy Phone Loan On Time

As you may have known, failure to pay for your Easybuy phone as agreed comes with a lot of negative rewards.

If you fail to pay on time, a message will pop up on your phone screen notifying you to pay for your phone. The message will go thus: Dear customer, your easybuy payment is overdue, kindly make a payment today to avoid phone lock’’.

This message will display on your phone screen for about three days, and if after the three days you didn’t pay, they’ll lock all your phone apps except the Easybuy app and your banks app. 

When this happens, you won’t be able to access any app in your device including your social media apps and other relevant apps in your phone. But they will unlock your apps once you make the payment.

Eligibility Criteria For Easybuy Phones

As we noted in the introduction, there are some basic criteria that you must meet before you can access Easybuy phones, some of the requirements include:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a functional bank account.
  • The intending applicant must have a Bank Verification Number(BVN).
  • You must have a valid National Identification Number(NIN).
  • You must be resident in Nigeria.
  • A phone number of your guarantor is a must.

Easybuy Phones And Prices

Easybuy sells different kinds of phones like iPhone, Infinix, Tecno, Itel etc. For clarity purposes, we’re going to group these phones according to products with their prices attached. Let’s proceed.

1. Easybuy Tecno Phones With Prices 

1.Tecno Phantom XN245,500
2. Tecno Pop 5N37,000
3.Techno Spark 8N65,000
4.Tecno Phantom X2 Pro 5GN479,990
5.Tecno Phantom X2 5GN384,990
6.Techno Pova Neo 5GN100,000
7. Techno Spark 9N83,700
8.Techno Spark 9 ProN129,000
9.Techno Spark 9 Pro SportN128,990
10.Techno Spark 9TN98,500
11.Tecno Camon 18N102,000
12Tecno Camon 18PN128,000
13.Tecno Camon 18 PremierN182,000
14.Techno Spark 8PN77,000
15.Tecno Pova 5GN147,000
16.Tecno Pop 5CN30,000
17.Tecno Pop 6 GoN47,000
18.Tecno Pop 6N54,000
19Tecno Pova 3N66,000
20.Tecno Camon 19N125,000
21.Tecno Camon 19 ProN166,000
22.Tecno Spark 7N54,000
23.Tecno Camon 17N90,000
24.Tecno Camon 17 ProN147,000
25.Tecno Camon 17PN113,000
26.Tecno Pova 2N64,000

2. Easybuy Infinix With Prices 

1.Infinix Hot 12 PlayN85,000
2.Infinix Hot 12iN75,600
3.Infinix Note 12 VIPN200,000
4.Infinix Note 12N131,000
5.Infinix Note 12 G96N150,500
6.Infinix Note 12 5GN197,500
7.Infinix Zero 5GN169,500
8.Infinix Hot 11N89,000
9.Infinix Note 11N108,900
10.Infinix Note 11 ProN138,900
11.Infinix Note 11iN90,000
12.Infinix Hot 10iN51,400
13.Infinix Note 8iN71,000
14.Infinix Smart 5N45,000
15.Infinix Smart HDN40,500
16.Infinix Hot 10N65,000
17.Infinix Hot 10 LiteN47,800
18.Infinix Note 30 ProN175,900
19.Infinix Note 30 5GN146,500
20.Infinix Note 30N133,000
21.Infinix Note 30iN125,000
22.Infinix Hot 30N82,000
23.Infinix Hot 30iN75,000
24.Infinix Zero Ultra355,500
25.Infinix Zero 20N224,000
26.Infinix Smart 7N50,000
27.Infinix Hot 20iN84,700
28.Infinix Hot 12N111,000

3. Easybuy iPhones With Price 

1.iPhone XS MaxN325,000
2.iPhone XSN280,000
3.iPhone XRN248,000
4.iPhone XN235,000
5.iPhone 8 PlusN174,000
6.iPhone 8N145,000
7.iPhone 7 PlusN120,000
8.iPhone 7N74,000
9.iPhone 6S PlusN71,000
10.iPhone 6SN53,000
11.iPhone SE (2nd generation)N220,000
12.iPhone 11 Pro MaxN550,000
13.iPhone 11 ProN490,000
14.iPhone 11N340,000

4. Easybuy Samsung With Price 

1.Samsung Galaxy S20 FEN265,000
2.Samsung Galaxy A71N210,000
3.Samsung Galaxy A51N180,000
4.Samsung Galaxy M11N85,000
5.Samsung Galaxy A34N236,000
6.Samsung Galaxy A14N116,900
7.Samsung Galaxy A04sN101,000
8.Samsung Galaxy A73 5GN260,000
9.Samsung Galaxy A53 5GN180,000
10.Samsung Galaxy A33 5GN160,000
11.Samsung Galaxy A23N120,000 
12.Samsung Galaxy A13N95,000
13.Samsung Galaxy A22N100,000
14.Samsung Galaxy A72N250,000
15.Samsung Galaxy A32N140,000
16.Samsung Galaxy A52N205,000
17.Samsung Galaxy A11N58,000

5. Easybuy Itel Phones With Prices

S/N PhonesPrices
1.Itel P17 ProN44,500
2.Itel A58 ProN50,800
3.Itel 2160N7,500
4.Itel 2173N6,300
5.Itel A18N35,000
6.Itel A58 Lite 16+1N45,000
7.Itel A58 Lite 32+2N46,500
8.Itel P38pro 64+2N72,500
9.ITel P38 32+2N52,500
10.Itel P37N50,000
11.Itel P38N54,300
12.Itel S17N43,000
13.Itel S18N54,999

6. Easybuy Nokia Phones With Price 

1.Nokia X30 5GN323,800
2.Nokia 105 4G Dual SIM wireless FMN23,000
3.Nokia 105 Dual SimN9,250
4.Nokia C10N62,200
5.Nokia C21N80,600
6.Nokia C21 PlusN69,900
7.Nokia C30N93,400
8.Nokia C31N79,700
9.Nokia G10N100,400
10.Nokia G21N123,300
11.Nokia G60N197,800
12.Nokia Tab T10N106,600
13.Nokia Tab T20N177,700
14.Nokia X10 (5G)N149,100
15.Nokia X20 (5G)N177,100

Easybuy Phones Website

As at the time of writing this blog post, there’s no official website for Easybuy phones. 

Nevertheless, you can check-in at any of the Easybuy outlets across Nigeria. The good thing is that they have branches in major cities across Nigeria like Lagos, Ibadan, Kaduna, Asaba, Warri, Calabar just to mention but a few.

Thanks for your time!

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