Types Of PalmPay POS Machine
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Types Of PalmPay POS Machine That You Should Know

Probably you want to know the different types of PalmPay POS machines! You’re in the right place. This guide is specially designed to keep you informed on the types of PalmPay point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Keep scrolling to get the full information that you desire.

In this digital era, cashless transactions have become the order of the day and they have surged since the introduction of a cashless policy in Nigeria. Currently,  businesses and consumers alike are rapidly adopting digital payment methods to streamline transactions and enhance convenience. PalmPay point-of-sale (POS) systems are one of the innovative financial solutions that have gained immense popularity because of their stress-free transaction experience.

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Types Of PalmPay POS

There are three major types of PalmPay POS machines, which include:

  • Smart PalmPay POS machine
  • Android PalmPay POS machine
  • Regular PalmPay POS machines

1. Smart Palmpay POS Machine

Types Of PalmPay POS Machine

As the name implies, Smart PalmPay POS is the smartest and most advanced POS terminal that PalmPay offers. It has excellent features that are Android-friendly, which stand it out among other PalmPay POS types. 

Smart PalmPay POS machines can carry out different financial transactions like funds transfers, cash withdrawals, data top-ups, bill payments, airtime purchases, etc. It is multi-functional and it can easily access an internet connection. Not only that, there is an extra provision for you to set a password for additional protection. Additionally, it has a front camera, which differentiates it from other types. There is also a provision where you can slot your automated teller machine (ATM), unlike other types that don’t.

Advantages Of  Smart Palmpay POS Machine

  • It is very fast in processing financial transactions.
  • Smart POS is the best POS terminal that  PalmPay offers.
  • It has an extra provision where you can set a password for additional security.
  • It can perform different kinds of financial transactions, like cash withdrawals and bill payments.
  • It has excellent features, like a front camera.

Disadvantage Of   Smart Palmpay POS Machine

  • It is costlier than other types of PalmPay POS machines.

2. Android Palmpay POS Machine

This is another type of PalmPay POS machine that has good features and is more advanced than the regular PalmPay POS terminal. One of the advantages it has over the regular type is that it has a touchscreen, which makes transactions seamless when using it to carry out financial transactions.  

With the Android PalmPay POS machine, you can easily connect to an internet source like a wifi network, which is not possible with the regular type. Not only that, you can also screenshot with this Android PalmPay POS machine.

The Android PalmPay POS machine can carry out different kinds of financial transactions like bill payment, data top-ups, funds transfers, cash withdrawals, etc. It can perform these financial transactions better than the regular type of PalmPay POS terminal.

Advantages of Android PalmPay POS Machine 

  • It is cheaper than the smart PalmPay POS machine
  • It can perform different kinds of financial transactions. 
  • It is more advanced than the  regular type of PalmPay POS.

Disadvantages Of Android PalmPay POS machine

  • It doesn’t have a front camera like a smart Palmpay POS machine.
  • There’s no provision for extra protection, as there is with the smart Palmpay POS machine.
  •   The Smart Palmpay POS machine is smarter than it.

3. Regular Palmpay POS Machine

This is the least advanced POS machine that PalmPay offers. In the real sense, we can call it a PamlPay analog POS. It is made of buttons and a small screen. It can perform different transactions but the speed at which it processes them can’t be compared to the more advanced types, like smart PalmPay POS. Apart from that, it lacks some advanced features, like front camera and additional security. 

Advantages of a Regular PalmPay POS Machine

  • It is the cheapest type of PalmPay POS machine.
  • It can process some financial transactions.

DisAdvantages  Regular Palmpay POS Machine

  • It lacks essential features.
  • It is not fast to process financial transactions.

How Much Is the PalmPay POS Machine?

The different types of PalmPay POS machines have different prices, both for renting and purchasing. The prices are summarized in the table below: 

S/NPalmPay POS TypeRenting PricePurchasing Price
1.Regular PalmPay POS₦20,000₦40,000
2.Android PalmPay POS₦30,000₦60,000
3.Smart PalmPay POS₦50,000₦100,000
Table1.1: Palmpay POS types and prices

Bottom Line

PalmPay offers a range of point-of-sale solutions to solve different business problems. Whether you run a mobile business, a local store, an e-commerce platform, or participate in off-site events, PalmPay has a suitable POS system for you. By leveraging PalmPay’s innovative POS technology, you can enhance your business payment processes, improve customer experiences, and optimize overall operations. So it is left for you to choose the right PalmPay POS type that aligns with your business needs and take a step towards efficient and seamless transactions.

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