Wholesale Business Ideas In Village Area

Top 10 Wholesale Business Ideas In Village Area [Very Profitable]

If you’re an entrepreneur residing in the village area and you want to start up wholesale business but you don’t have the business idea, this article will be a good companion to you.

Rural regions have immense potential for economic growth, and wholesale businesses play a vital role in catering for the demands of both urban and rural markets.

Hence, with the right business idea and strategic implementation, an individual can establish thriving ventures that will benefit local economy and provide employment opportunity for the rural dwellers.

At the end of this article, you will be able to see some wholesale business ideas that you can start up to earn a living.

With further ado, let’s get started!

Best Business In Village Area

As an entrepreneur there is always a business opportunity in any environment and village area is not an exception. Hence there are different kind of wholesale business that are profitable which can be done in the village, some of the wholesale business ideas in village areas include:

1. Selling Of Agricultural Inputs And Equipment 

In the rural areas, agriculture is one of the bedrock of their economies.

Hence establishing a wholesale business where you can sell agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, and farming equipment can be highly profitable.

As an entrepreneur, if you can  produce or buy  these agricultural inputs in bulk from cities, you will make enough profit selling them at a wholesale price.  Farmers in village areas rely heavily on these supplies, and providing them at affordable rates can help increase agricultural productivity and enhance farmers’ livelihoods.

2. Processing And Selling Of Dairy Products

In the villages, it is very difficult to see processed dairy products like milk, cheese, butter etc since there is no equipment to process them. So before they can buy those dairy products they may have to travel to cities.

By processing and selling dairy products in the  villages, you will make lots of profits because there is always high demand for dairy products in the village. It is a very good wholesale business idea that can be done in the village area and make lots of profits.

3. Selling Of Grocery And Food Products

Grocery And Food Products 
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In most village areas,  they  often face challenges in accessing quality groceries and food products due to limited availability.

Hence, setting up a wholesale business that supplies essential food items like grains, pulses, spices, packaged goods etc can go along way in solving these problems.

As a rural entrepreneur, you can achieve this by procuring products in bulk and selling them at competitive prices hence making a good profit at end.

4. Producing And Selling Livestock Feed

Some rural dwellers engage in livestock  business, hence producing and selling livestock feed is a very good wholesale business idea that can yield lots of profits when done in the village.

5. Selling Of Handicrafts And Artisan Products 

It is a common knowledge that villages are known for their rich cultural heritage and traditional crafts. hence, centering a wholesale business around handicrafts and artisan products can provide a platform for local artisans to showcase their talents and preserve their traditional art forms.

These products includes handwoven textiles, pottery, jewelry, wooden handicrafts etc. As an entrepreneur, you can buy these products at cheap rate from the village craftsmen, and then sell them to urban centers at make your profits.

Not only that, you can also decide to export them to international markets, which would invariably create sustainable livelihood opportunities for both the rural dwellers and you in particular.

6. Selling Of Renewable Energy Solutions Products

Most villages have limited access to power supply, renewable energy solutions can transform their lives and give them better lives.

Hence, you can start up a wholesale business that is focused on solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and biomass products that can cater for the energy needs of rural communities.

By providing affordable and sustainable energy solutions, a rural entrepreneurs can empower villagers, improve their quality of life, and promote environmental conservation. And as you improve the lives of the rural dweller through the sale of renewable appliances, you will also be making your profits since you buy it in bulk and sell it to them at competitive price.

7. Selling Of Construction And Building Materials

With the expansion of infrastructure in rural areas, there is always a constant demand for construction and building materials.

Hence establishing a wholesale business that supplies cement, bricks, sand, steel, and other construction material  can cater to this growing need of the rural dwellers and you in turn make your profit.

As a rural entrepreneur, you can collaborate with local contractors and builders to create a reliable customer base and foster community development. And by doing so you will be able to build a reputable business where you can be earning your living while improving the lives of rural dwellers.

8. Selling Of Organic Products

Since the demand for organic produce continues to rise, both domestically and internationally. And as we know that village areas have greater potential for organic farming, as an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of this trend and make your money.

As a rural entrepreneur, you can start up a wholesale business that will be focused on aggregating and marketing organic produce by connecting local farmers with larger markets like restaurants, grocery stores, and online platforms.

All you need to do is to adhere strictly to quality control measures and ensure that the products are wholesome for human consumption, you will be able to earn a living from it.

9. Agroforestry Business

There is always high demand for timber materials in the urban areas, as a rural entrepreneur, you can grow different varieties of trees and crops in the village and make huge amount of profit from it.

It is easy to start, just get a portion of land and plant good trees like gmelina and their likes. Once the trees  and the crops mature you can process them to timbers and transport it to the city. However, this business is highly profitable but it requires time before you will start making money from it.

10. Cash Crop Business

Cash Crop Business
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In villages, you can see different cash crops like cashew, mangoes, cocoa etc. By gathering them from villages at relatively cheap prices and selling them in the city can earn you a huge amount of money.

However, one thing with cash crops is that they are seasonal which means that they are not always available all the year round. So if you want to start this business, you need to know the different seasons that each crop normally matures to be able to maximize the period properly.


Wholesale business ideas in village areas present numerous opportunities for rural entrepreneurs.

Hence as a rural entrepreneur, you can utilize  the unique strengths and resources of rural regions. If you maximize the opportunity properly you will be able to earn a living from doing a wholesale business in rural area. The key to success lies in identifying the demands of the people and being able to proffer solutions to it.

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