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Top 10 Daily Income Business To Do In 2023 [Very Lucrative]

A daily income business that can give you financial freedom and put food on your table is the best way to start your life as an unemployed individual or a small salary earner. As an individual, it is always good to look within your immediate surroundings to identify people’s needs and figure out how you can offer solutions to them. By doing so you will be able to generate money for yourself. And the good thing is that there are opportunities abound within our neighborhood or market places that can give us daily income but our ability to identify them becomes the issue. Hence, we’re here to guide you and awaken your mind to the opportunities within your surroundings that you can maximize and make a daily living from it. 

List Of Daily Income Business That Are Lucrative

There are many daily income businesses that are lucrative but in this article we will discuss extensively on the top ten most profitable daily income business, they include:

1. Pure Water Business

Water is life, hence the sachet water business popularly known as ‘’pure water’’ is one of the lucrative businesses that can give you daily income. This business booms very well during the dry season since everyone will need water to cool off from high temperatures. The business can be done in shops, it can also be hawked.

The business doesn’t require a huge amount of money to start up. But If you want to make more profits, you need to be buying the sachet water from the factory that produces it. Also, the business thrives well in a densely populated area, so it is important to open your pure water store or shop in a populated area to enable you to make many sales daily. If you are keen enough in managing your pure water business, you can scale it to factory level where you will start producing it yourself.

2. Transportation Business

transport business

Since people move from one place to another on a daily basis, transport business is a good business that can put food on your table daily while enabling you to make good savings daily. Transportation business can be done in different ways either by the use of motorcycles aka Okada, tricycle(ke-ke napep), or car. An average transporter makes about 8,000 naira daily. 

The amazing thing about transportation business is that it doesn’t require much skills to get started, all you have to do is to get your driving for car drivers but for okada and tricycles riders, just look for an experienced driver that can guide you for like a week and you’re good to go. 

Meanwhile, if you don’t have money to buy your own motorcycle, tricycle or a car, you can go for higher-purchase. Here, someone will buy the vehicle and you will reach an agreement with the person and you will be balancing the money on installment which could be on a weekly or monthly basis. Transport business is a very lucrative business and it brings lots of profits on a daily basis.

3. POS Business

Point of sale business (aka POS) is one of the daily income businesses that comes with a lot of profits. This business is fast growing across the nukes and crannies of Nigeria both in rural areas and developed cities with huge profits. The business can be done by anyone whether educated or not. All you need to do is to get a POS machine and look for a densely populated area to establish your shop. It doesn’t require much capital to start up. The business is very profitable because an average POS owner makes about 5,000 Naira or more on a daily basis.

4. Okirika  Business

Selling of  fairly used clothes called Okirika is one of the daily income businesses that are thriving in Nigeria. There’s no special skill that is required to start up this business. All you need to do is to buy fairly used clothes from suppliers. Before buying it, you must have found a spot where you will be selling it, the spot may be a shop, a slot in a market or just an open space within your street where people will be seeing it.

The trick about this business is that you can buy second hand clothes at a very cheap price from the suppliers, after buying it you can rebrand them by washing and ironing it which will make them look like new clothes and you’ll sell them at a higher price thereby making enough profit from each sale. 

5. Recharge Card Business

Since the invention of the telephone, selling recharge cards of different denominations like MTN, Glo, Airtel etc has been a daily business where people earn their livelihood. This business booms in a busy area where people will need to recharge their device to make calls or for data subscription. This is one of the daily income businesses that you can start with a very small capital, all you need is a small amount of money and an umbrella which the network providers may even give you. A recharge card seller makes around 3,000 Naira daily. The business is very profitable.

6. Restaurant Business

restaurant business

Food is one of the basic needs of man and people must eat daily come rain, come sun hence restaurant business is one of the most profitable daily income business that one can engage in. 

There are different varieties of foods that you can cook ranging from jollof rice, swallow with different soups, noodles etc. You may decide to cook one particular food or cook different varieties at a time. You can have a shop or you may decide to be carrying it around to sell to people that may need it. 

To start a restaurant business, you may not need many skills, just know how to cook and look neat, ensure that your food is always yummy to enable you to have regular customers. If you’re serious with a restaurant business you can easily scale it up to a renowned eatery. If your shop is located in a populated area, you can make up to 10,000 Naira daily. Meanwhile, the business is a bit stressful but highly profitable. 

7. Beer Parlour

Beer parlour business is another daily income business in our list that is highly profitable. It involves having a cool joint where you sell beers, pepper, soup, fried meats, soft drinks etc where people can have a good time while patronizing you. It comes with lots of profit especially if your joint is in a strategic place because people are ready to spend money to enjoy themselves. 

8. Foodstuff Business

Foodstuff business is a very lucrative business because it is an essential product that people can’t do without.Foodstuffs that one can sell ranges from groundnuts, cooking oils, cooking ingredients, rice, beans, corn etc. There is enough profit in the business especially if you buy them from rural areas and resell them in a city, you will make lots of profits. Interestingly, it only requires small capital and no skill is required.

9. Provision Store

Having a provision store where you sell household items like soap, biscuits, milk, snacks, bread etc will give you a daily income with lots of profit. It is very easy to start up, and if you manage it very well, you can easily scale it up to a supermarket. 

10. Barbing/Salon Business

barber shop

One of the neglected daily income businesses that is very profitable is salon business. Unlike other daily income businesses mentioned above  that don’t require a skill, salon business requires a skill hence it is not easy for anyone to jump into it which gives them an edge over other businesses that don’t require a skill. If your salon center is located in a strategic area you will make enough profit on a daily basis.


There are many lucrative daily income businesses that you can start up with little capital and make lots of profit. So it is left for you to look inward within your area to know the business that you can do and make good returns. Also ensure that you are willing to sacrifice for your business to grow before you start any business. We’ve done our part, the choice is yours to make.

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