SASSA Loan: How To Apply  At Office, Online, Via Cellphone & More

The South African Social Security Agency(SASSA) is an agency that oversees social grants disbursements to South African citizens who are living below the poverty line.

If you’re a citizen of South Africa, and you need start-up capital for your small scale business, you can apply for the SASSA grant.

The requirements are not difficult to meet and the application process is seamless, the maximum grant or loan that an individual can opt for is about R1000.

If you want to apply for the SASSA loan, then this article will be of immeasurable help to you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

SASSA Loan Requirements


To qualify for the social grant, the applicant is expected to meet the following eligibility criteria, they are: 

  1. The applicant must be up to 18 years old.
  2. Must have a valid means of identification.
  3. You must have an active bank account.
  4. Steady and stable income source is a must.
  5. You must be a citizen of South Africa.

That you meet these requirements doesn’t automatically qualify you for the grant since SASSA will still evaluate your debt-to-income ratio to ascertain your creditworthiness before  giving you the loan.

SASSA Loanable Amount

The loanable amount that an applicant can take from SASSA platform is not fixed since it is determined by applicant’s debt-to-income ratio and credit worthiness.

Nevertheless, the loan amount that an applicant takes from SASSA ranges from R250 – R1000.

SASSA Loan Term

The repayment term for SASSA loan ranges from 1 – 6 months. The loan tenure is designed such that borrowers can repay it without breaking the bank.

SASSA Loan Application Process

Applying for SASSA loan is pretty easy because they have both an online and offline application process.

Hence, it is left for you to choose the application process that is more comfortable for you. Without further ado, let’s proceed with the different application process.

How To Apply For SASSA Loan Via Cellphone

To apply for the SASSA loan via cellphone using the USSD, you can follow the steps below to apply.

  1. On your dial pad, press *130*3737*1#.
  2. After that, input your ID number and tap on the calls tab.
  3. A prompt will show on your screen, then press ‘’1’’ to answer. Now, they will access your bank statement and credit check.
  4. To proceed, give them your  pin you received at the ATM for security reasons.
  5. Now, input your total monthly expenditure.
  6. At this point, you will need to select the exact loan or grant you want. Finally, you’ll know your loan status instantly.


If you’re having issues with the above USSD code, you can try this alternative code  *120*3210# or *120*69277# and follow the above procedure to get the SASSA loan via your phone.

How To Apply For SASSA Loan At SASSA Office

To apply for the SASSA loan at their designated offices, follow the steps below;

  • Visit any SASSA office nearest to you.
  • You’re required to complete the SASSA loan application in the presence of SASSA officer(s).
  • Once you complete the application process, submit the application.
  • After submitting the application form, you’ll be issued with a receipt . Ensure that you keep your receipt safe because it will be needed if your loan application is approved.
  • Meanwhile, if your SASSA loan application is rejected, you’ll be reached via writing.


  •  It is easier to get SASSA loan approval when you apply manually through their office.
  • If your loan application is rejected, you can appeal the rejection within 90 days by writing to the office of the Minister of Social Development stating your reason for appeal.

Apply For SASSA Loan Through Banks

Since SASSA partners with different banks to offer SASSA loan/grant, you can still apply for the loan through the following the means; 

  1. Shoprite
  2. Finbond
  3. Capitec

Shoprite SASSA Loans

Shoprite offers collateral-free loans with low interest rates.

You can apply for the loan by checking-in at any Shoprite Office nearest to you  or better still, you can check ‘’mfin website’’ to complete the loan application form and select the loan amount that’s suitable for you.

Alternatively, you can apply for the Shoprite SASSA loans by messaging them on this number +27600123456, answer a few questions and get the loan.

To apply for the Shoprite SASSA loans, the following documents will be needed, they are:

  1. Valid means of identification.
  2. Pay slip(wage or salary)
  3. 3 months’ bank statement.
  4. Proof of residence.

Finbond Loans

Finbond Mutual Bank also offers Finbond SASSA loans. 

Fortunately, you have the option to choose from collateral-free short-term or a long term loan. However, the loanable amount ranges from R500 – R20000 with a fixed interest rate and a maximum repayment of 2 years.

Meanwhile, to be eligible for the Finbond SASSA loan, you must be at least 21 years old, resident in South Africa with an active bank account.

To apply for the Finbond SASSA loan, you can visit website and complete the loan application form.

To apply for the Finbond SASSA loan, the following documents are necessary. They are:

  1. Valid means of identification.
  2. Your monthly expenses documentation.
  3. Three months pay slips.
  4. Residential address proof.
  5. Last three months bank statements.
  6. Your contact details like email address & active phone number.

Capitec SASSA Loan

The Capitec SASSA loan has a very low interest rate and you will be given the opportunity for monthly instalments. Borrowers can take up to R250000. Not only that, you can also get credit insurance from Cpitec.

To ensure that you utilize your loan judiciously, Capitec has a mobile app where you can manage your credit with ease.

Hence, if you wish to apply for the Capitec SASSA loan, just tap on this link and choose ‘online’ in ‘ways to apply.’ After that, complete the loan application form and you’re good to go.

However, to apply for the Capitec SASSA loan, the following documents are important, they’re:

  1. Latest salary proof or pay slip
  2. Bank statement of your recent consecutive salary deposit.
  3. Relevant Personal information like name, ID documents etc.

SASSA Customer Care

If you need assistance or you want to make inquiries about the services of SASSA, you can reach out to their customer unit via the channels:


Call: 0800 60 1011.

Whatsapp: 082 046 8553.

These contact details may change overtime, hence you may check their official website for updated information if the need arises.

Is SASSA Legit?

YES. SASSA is legit.

The lending services of SASSA platform is regulated by the Minister of Social Development hence if you notice any unusual activities as it concerns the activities of SASSA, don’t hesitate to reach out to the ministry of social development for swift action.

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