Quick2lend Loan Review

Quick2lend Loan Review: Is Quick2lend Legit Or Scam? Find Out Now

Quick2lend is one of the leading digital loan brokers in the US that serves as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders.

Borrowers can opt for short-term loans, personal loans or instalment loans through the Quick2lend platform depending on the borrower’s financial needs.

Quick2lend works on the principle of linking borrowers to  potential lenders where they earn certain commission when the deal is completed.

To get a loan from the platform, borrowers are expected to meet the lender’s terms & conditions.

It is pertinent to note that Quick2lend doesn’t give out loans but they facilitate the borrowing process by helping borrowers to bypass endless filling of loan application forms.

Quick2lend Loan Requirements

Quick2lend Loan Review

Although Quick2lend doesn’t offer loans, however they facilitate the loan borrowing process by linking borrowers to potential lenders, they normally outline some of the requirements that are common to lenders since individual lenders have their specific eligibility criteria.

Some of the requirements to take a loan from Quick2lend platform are outlined below;

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Resident in the United States.
  • Active bank account with positive balance.
  • The applicant must have a stable and steady income source.

Quick2lend Loanable Amount

The loan amount that a borrower can take from the platform is not fixed since it is determined by the lenders using their terms.

However, the loanable amount that a borrower can opt for using the Quick2lend platform ranges from $250 – $3,000. 

Quick2lend Loan Term 

The repayment plan for loans taken from the Quicklend platform varies depending on the loan term that the borrower is comfortable with.

On the norms, the repayment plan ranges from 3 – 36 months which is really flexible.

Don’t forget that the longer the loan term the higher the interest rate and vice versa.Quick2lend 

Loan Interest Rate

The Annual Percentage Rate(APR) for loan take through the platform ranges from 5.99% – 35.99%.


The loanable amount, loan term and interest rate of loans taken from the Quick2lend platform are subject to change overtime. Hence, normalize checking their website for updated information..

How To Apply For Loan Through Quick2lend Platform

To apply for loan via the Quick2lend platform, follow the steps below:

  • Login to the Quick2lend website at https://www.quick2lend.com/.
  • Register with your details like name, bank details etc to get started.
  • After entering the required information, submit your loan application for review.
  • Wait for review which would take about three minutes.
  • If your loan application is approved, Quick2lend will provide you with the loan details.
  • If you’re okay with the loan terms, accept the loan offer.
  • Finally, the loan amount will be disbursed to your account within a few minutes.

s Quick2lend Legit? 

YES. Quick2lend is legit.

It is one of the reliable online brokers in the US, it has been in operation for years now it has been helping their users to meet their urgent financial needs by linking borrowers to lenders.

Currently, the platform is affiliated with over 130 lenders and brokers which they work with to offer loans to the borrowers. In terms of accessing their lenders, they scrutinize their lenders thoroughly to ensure that they are working with lenders with a track record & good rating.

Additionally, the platform also adheres to the Truth In Lending Act(TILA) which regulates the mode of operation of lending firms.

Quick2lend Customer Service

For inquiries, questions or assistance, you can visit the physical office of Quick2lend platform or better still, reach out to them via their email address. 

Address: 6586 W Atlantic Ave, Unit #2050, Delray Beach, FL 33446

Email address: Customers@quick2lend.com.

Quick2lend Loan Review

Just like other lending platforms across the globe, users have diverse views about the brokerage financial services offered by Quick2lend platforms.

Some of the users expressed satisfaction with the swiftness at which the loans are disbursed but others expressed concerns & displeasure on what they describe as outrageous interest rate.

According to people’s review on Reddit, we found out that the Quick2lend platform is legit and the loan application process is quite simple but there are concerns about their high interest  rate and hidden charges. Hence, it is best to understand their loan terms including the interest rate before accepting their loan offer.

Reviews from Reddit include; 

From crummyCrackers77740: ‘’I did some research on Quick 2 Lend, and while I couldn’t find any definitive evidence that it is a scam, I did come across a few red flags. Some people have reported being charged hidden fees and experiencing difficulty in reaching customer support. My advice would be to consider alternative lenders with more established reputations’’.

sadPonie1888 has this to say about Quick2lend platform: ‘’I did some research and found several red flags. Many customers have reported hidden fees and extremely high-interest rates that make it difficult to repay the loan. Additionally, the customer service is reportedly unresponsive, making it challenging to resolve any issues. I would recommend looking into alternative lenders with better reputations and more transparent loan terms’’.


From people’s review, we can see that Quick2lend platform is legit hence they offer loan brokerage services to US residents by linking borrowers to lenders.

However, users have reported that they are fast in loan disbursement and their application process is pretty simple but there are serious concerns about their hidden charges and outrageous interest rate.

To be on the safer side, we strongly recommend that you understand their loan terms like interest rate and other affiliated charges before copying for their loan services.

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