POS Machine Price In Nigeria
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POS Machine Price In Nigeria (Current Price)

Currently, the POS business in Nigeria has continued to gain popularity due to its profitability and wide coverage. Because of its increasing popularity, the point-of-sale machine price has continued to increase. It would interest you to know that around 2013, when POS business was introduced in Nigeria, many companies gave out their POS terminals free of charge, unlike in the present day, where you are expected to pay before getting the POS terminal.

However, different fintech companies and commercial banks offer POS machines for sale or for rent but their prices vary. Hence, as an intending POS agent, it is best to compare the prices of the POS machines from different financial institutions before going for it.

The price of these POS machines varies depending on the type of POS terminal you want to buy. Generally, analogue POS machines are cheaper when compared to digital or smart POS terminals, irrespective of the company that issues them. To get the point straight, we shall be taking a look at different types of POS machines in the market with their prices attached. 

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POS Machine Price List

POS Machine Price In Nigeria

As with other products, the price of POS machines can change from time to time, especially with the rise in inflation. But, on a general note, mini and traditional POS terminals are relatively affordable when compared to the Android version of the terminals.

Some financial institutions offer both mini, traditional, and smart POS machines, so you have lots to choose from, while some companies only offer one kind of POS machine. So, if you want to start a POS business, you can decide to buy any type that you can afford.

S/NPOS CompanyMini-POS PriceTraditional POS PriceAndroid POS Price
1.Opay 8,50035,00050,000
Table 1.1: POS machine price


  • The columns denoted with (-) mean that the POS company doesn’t have that type of POS terminal.
  • All the prices mentioned above are in Naira.

How Much Is POS Machine On Jumia?

As we noted earlier, the price of POS machines varies depending on the type you want to buy. Generally, the price of mini and traditional POS terminals is relatively cheaper when compared to that of the Android version.

On Jumia, the price of a POS machine ranges from ₦40, 000 to ₦210,000, depending on the brand you opt for. However, the price of a POS terminal on Jumia will be relatively costly since they are a third party to the brand; hence, getting it from the company directly will be cheaper.

Moniepoint POS Machine Price

Moniepoint has different types of POS machines; hence, they have different prices.

The price for the Moniepoint mini POS terminal is ₦10,000, while the traditional terminal is ₦20,000 but the Android version of the Moniepoint POS machine is sold at ₦35,000.

POS Machine Price in Jiji

The POS machine price on Jiji ranges from ₦20,000 to ₦150,000, depending on the type and brand you opt for.

Wrap Up

The price of  POS machines in Nigeria is not fixed since different companies have their own prices. While some brands sell all the types of POS machines, some companies only sell a particular type. To cut costs, it is best to buy the POS terminal directly from the company rather than from third-party platforms like Jumia, Jiji, etc. 

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