PalmPay USSD Code: Latest Code for Loan, Transfer, Data, Airtime, etc.

With a PalmPay USSD code, you can carry out different transactions like fund transfers, airtime purchases, data top-ups, and even access loans without an internet connection. So, if you don’t have data to access the internet or you don’t have a smartphone, you can still access all the financial services offered by PalmPay with ease.

PalmPay is a popular fintech company that has been offering different financial services to its esteemed users. It has an active, wide customer base in the country due to their numerous services. With this USSD code, you can perform most of the financial transactions on the platform. By simply pressing the code and following the prompts, you’re good to go.

Why PalmPay USSD Code

PalmPay USSD Code

As an avid user of the PalmPay platform, it is important to know their USSD code, even if you have a smartphone, because the code can be used to perform transactions without needing an internet connection. So, with the code, you can perform transactions without an internet connection.

Meanwhile, for those who don’t have smartphones, they can also access the financial services offered by PalmPay from their comfort zone.

PalmPay USSD Code Overview

PalmPay is a popular digital financial service provider that enables users to perform various financial transactions, like bill payments, airtime purchases, and fund transfers, among others, with mobile devices.

The platform has a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code, which enables users to carry out different transactions without needing an internet connection.

The PalmPay USSD code is *652#.  Once you dial this code on your device and follow the prompts, you will be able to perform all the transactions that are supported on the platform.

Transactions that can be Performed with the USSD Code

There are numerous transactions that can be performed with the help of the USSD code, they include:

  • Fund transfer
  • Airtime top-up for all networks
  • Bill payment
  • Loan
  • Check transaction history
  • Check account balance, etc.

General Procedures to Using the PalmPay USSD Code

Irrespective of the financial transaction that you want to perform with the USSD code, there are general steps that you can follow. The steps are:

  • On your mobile device, press *652#.
  • Go through the options that would prompt
  • Choose the exact transaction that you want perform
  • Follow the on-screen instructions succinctly 
  • Finally, complete the transaction by authenticating it with your PIN.

How to Loan Money From PalmPay Using USSD Code 

To get a PalmPay loan using the USSD code, you will need to do this:

  • On your phone’s dial pad, press *652# to get started
  • When prompted, choose ‘’Loan’’ from the options
  • Carefully follow the onscreen instructions to complete the application process by entering the needed information like names, contact address, employment details, etc.
  • After filling out the necessary details, enter the exact loan amount that you want to take.
  • Once you’re done entering the details, submit it for review.
  • Wait for Palmpay to review your loan application and make a decision. 
  • Finally, if your loan request is approved, your account will be credited but if rejected, you will be informed too.


PalmPay loan application is subject to thorough review and certain requirements are taken into account. Hence, it is best to meet their eligibility criteria to increase your chances of getting approval. If you don’t meet their requirements, your application will be rejected.

How to Use PalmPay USSD Code to Transfer Fund

You can transfer money using the PalmPay USSD code by following the steps below:

  • On your phone, dial *652# 
  • Choose the ‘’Transfer Money’’ option from the menu
  • Input the receiver’s account number
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer
  • Authenticate the transaction by entering your PIN
  • Finally, make the transfer by pressing the ‘’Send’’ button and that’s all.

How to Use the Code to Check Account Balance

To see your PalmPay account balance using the USSD code, do this:

  • On your device, dial *652#
  • Choose the ‘’Check Balance’’ option from the menu
  • And guess what, your account balance will be shown on your phone screen.

How to Use the Code to Buy Airtime

If you want to buy airtime using the PalmPay code, follow these simple steps:

  • On your device, dial *652#
  • Choose the ‘’Buy Airtime’’ option from the menu
  • Input the phone number you want to recharge and choose your preferred network
  • Input the exact amount you want to purchase 
  • Finally, input your transaction PIN to authenticate the transaction. 

PalmPay USSD Code

The USSD code for PalmPay is *652#. With this code, you can perform all kinds of transactions on the PalmPay platform.

PalmPay Code

The PalmPay base code *652#. This code is multifunctional in nature; hence, it can be used to perform different kinds of transactions on the PalmPay platform.

PalmPay Short Code

*652#  is the PalmPay short code. The code can be used to carry out different financial transactions, like fund transfer, airtime top-up, bill payment among other transactions too numerous to mention.


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