PalmPay POS Daily Target

PalmPay POS Daily Target: A Comprehensive Guide

Perhaps you’re a PalmPay POS agent or an intending agent that wants to know the daily target that a PalmPay POS agent must meet to continue using the terminal, well! You’re in the right place, we get your back. We know that meeting daily targets is important for the success and growth of the business which is normally beneficial to the fintech company and the agent as well.

PalmPay POS is an advanced payment solution that is designed to streamline transactions and enhance business operations. It offers a wide range of features that cater to the needs of various industries, including retail, restaurants, hospitality, and more. With its intuitive user interface and robust functionality, PalmPay POS simplifies the process of accepting payments, managing inventory, and tracking sales, hence meeting a daily target may not be difficult if you’re dedicated to your business.  

PalmPay POS Daily Target

PalmPay POS Daily Target

The PalmPay POS daily target is pegged at N30,000. 

This means that if you are a PalmPay POS agent, the minimum total transaction that you are expected to carry out on a daily basis is N30,000. To this end, if you’re unable to carry out transactions that are above or equal to the daily target, there is a likelihood that PalmPay may collect their POS terminal from you. Hence, it is advisable to analyze your business environs very well before opting for a POS from PalmPay.

On the other hand, PalmPay POS also has a maximum daily transaction limit of N500,000.  This means that if you use the PalmPay POS terminal to process transactions that are worth N500,000 in a day you may not be able to carry out another transaction on that particular day with that terminal. However, this maximum daily limit is subject to change but you may need to contact PalmPay staff because the limit can be increased. 

How Much Is PalmPay POS In Nigeria?

The caution fee for an ordinary PalmPay POS terminal is N20,000 while for the Android device is N30,000. Although the application for the PalmPay POS terminal is absolutely free, but the caution fee is compulsory.

Bottom Line

Before you opt for PalmPay POS terminal it is important to evaluate your business very well to ensure that you meet the daily target because if you fail to meet the daily target, there is a likelihood that they would collect their POS terminal from you. Please be guided!

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