Palmpay Customer Care

Palmpay Customer Care – Phone Number, Whatsapp, Email

If you have any inquiry or question to ask about the mode of operation(activities) of Palmpay company, it always makes sense to contact them for proper guidance and assistance.

Palmpay is a fintech company that offers financial services and the amazing thing is that they have attentive customer care that will attend to you if you encounter any problem when accessing their services.

Interestingly, there are several ways through which you can contact Palmpay customer care representatives. You can reach them via phone call, whatsapp or email. Once you reach out to them you’ll definitely get a quick response because they have smart customer representatives who are dedicated to their duty.

How To Contact PalmPay And Get A Quick Response

Palmpay Customer Care

Contacting Plampay is one thing, getting the quick and desired response is a different thing entirely.

First of all, before you contact or reach out to Palmpay for assistance, it is best to know the exact issue you want to report and articulate it properly.

Once you write to Palmpay customer representative via email, you should go straight to the issue(s) you are having because they usually have plenty customers to attend to, so if your report is not short and well articulated, you may not get a quick response and vice versa.

What You Should Do Before Contacting Palmpay 

Before contacting Palmpay for assistance, there are some issues that you can solve by yourself. This means that not all the challenges that you encounter with Palmpay that require their assistance, there are issues you can fix yourself. 

Since of the Palmpay issues you can fix by yourself include:

1. Transfer Issues

If you transfer funds from your Palmpay account to someone else and the transaction is pending, you may need to wait for at least 24 hours before contacting Palmpay for assistance. This is because the transaction may be delayed due to network problems.

However, if after 24 hours and the transaction is still pending, you may have to contact Palmpay for assistance. You can reach out to them via phone call, email or whatsapp and they will be able to attend to you.

2. Account Limit Issues

It may interest you to know that Palmpay has different tiers of account with each having its own limit. 

For tier 1 accounts, the account holders can carry out transactions that are worth N50,000 with an account balance limit of up to N300k with only phone number as the requirement.

Meanwhile, if you want to increase your balance limit and transaction amount in Palmpay, you will need to do your KYC(Know Your Customer) verification. To do this, you may need to provide a valid ID, BVN, bank account, phone number etc.

From the above explanation, you can increase your Palmpay balance limit without contacting their customer representatives.

3. Palmpay App Issue

Sometimes your Palmpay app may be malfunctioning, if this happens the first thing to do is not contact their customer support but rather you should try checking if you’re using the latest version of the app and if you find out that the version you’re using is outdated, then you have to update the app for optimum performance.

To update your Palmpay app to the latest version, just go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store for iPhone and Android users respectively, and search for Palmpay app. Once you see it click on update and that’s all.

At this point if none of the issues mentioned above is your challenge and you would like to reach out to Palmpay customer representative, then the sections below will be of immeasurable help to you.

Palmpay Email Address

For Palmpay customers in Nigeria, if you want to contact Palmpay customer care representative via their email address, the email address to use is

If you are a Ghanaian, the email address you can use to reach Palmpay for assistance is 

Palmpay Phone Number

For Palmpay customers in Nigeria, the phone number you can use to reach their customer support is (0700 7256 4357) or (+23417005700).

If you are in Ghana, the Palmpay customer support phone number is  (0800 7256 44) or 0800 PALMGH.

Palmpay Whatsapp Number

Currently as a customer at Palmpay, you may not be able to chat with Palmpay customer support on Whatsapp because they don’t have whatsapp number.

Meanwhile, you may have been seeing some people displaying a particular phone number as Palmpay whatsapp number. Please don’t be deceived by such people because Palmpay doesn’t have a whatsapp platform.

However, you can chat with Palmpay on other social media platforms like facebook and twitter(X). Detailed information is in the next section.

How To Contact Palmpay Customer Support On Social Media

If you want to chat with Palmpay customer representative on social media, you can do via Twitter(X) or Facebook.

On Facebook

If you want to reach out to Palmpay on Facebook, you’ll need to search for their verified page on Facebook.

Meanwhile, it is important to keep your relevant information confidential when connecting with them to avoid scammers.

The Palmpay Facebook page is

On Twitter

If you want to contact Palmpay via their twitter account also known as (X), just search for their verified page. It is important to follow their verified page to avoid being scammed.

The Palmpay twitter handle is

How To Chat PalmPay Customer Care

You can chat with Palmpay customer care representatives through their twitter or facebook handle.

To chat with them, you will need to search for their verified page on both twitter and facebook. This is important to avoid falling victim to the hands of scammers.

It is also important to note that Palmpay doesn’t have a whatsapp group please be guided!

To contact Palmpay on twitter and facebook respectively, using these links and

Summary Of Palmpay Customer Care Details

Phone number+234170057000800 7256 44
Office address20 Opebi Rd, Opebi 101233JR6F+W45, Senchi St, Accra, Ghana
Social media
Whatsapp numberNot availableNot available 
Table 1.1 Summary of Palmpay customer care details


As a Palmpay customer, if you want to contact their customer representative for assistance. You can contact them for help via their email address, phone number or social media.

The good news is that Palmpay has smart customer representative that will attend to you swiftly and resolve the issue.

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