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Paga POS Charges: Withdrawals, Deposit, Daily Target, Commission, etc. 

As an avid user or an intending user of the Paga POS machine, it makes sense to know their charges to enable you to utilize their services judiciously. 

Although Paga charges different fees when you use their POS terminal to carry out financial transactions, you will also earn a commission as an agent when you perform certain transactions.

In this comprehensive guide, we shall be x-raying all the fees that Paga charges their agent, and we are also going to discuss various commissions that an agent can earn by using the machine. 

So, if you want to use the Paga POS machine or you’re already using it for business, this article will be of immeasurable help to you because it will enlighten you on the different charges and commissions you can earn by using their terminal. Let’s get started!

Does Paga POS charge fees?

Paga POS Charges

Yes, Paga POS charges fees for various transactions. If you use their terminal to carry out financial transactions like cash withdrawals and fund deposits, Paga will charge certain fees. The withdrawal fee is dependent on the amount withdrawn. The higher the amount withdrawn, the higher the charges. 

Paga POS Charges

They charge different fees when you use their POS terminal to carry out a certain transaction. The charges are enumerated in the subsections below:

Paga POS Withdrawal

For withdrawals between ₦1,000 and ₦19,000, Paga charges 0.55% of the withdrawn amount. This means that they charge 0.55% for each ₦1,000 withdrawn with their POS terminal. 

However, for withdrawals between N20,000 and N99,000, they charge a flat rate of ₦100. This means that if you withdraw an amount that is more than ₦20,000 and less than ₦100,000, Paga will only charge you ₦100 for such a withdrawal.

On the other hand, for withdrawals above N100,000, Paga POS charges a ₦150 fee. So, whenever you make withdrawals that are above ₦100,000, they will charge you a flat rate of ₦150. 

It is important to note that this Paga POS withdrawal charges is relatively high when compared with other POS brands in the country. Hence, it is best for you to compare the charges with those of other brands before getting yours.

Paga POS Deposit/Transfer Charges

Just like withdrawal transactions with the Paga POS machine, where they charge fees, cash transfers to any Nigerian bank with their terminal are not an exception since they also charge fees on all deposits.

When you use the Paga POS machine to transfer or deposit money to any Nigerian bank, they will charge you a ₦30 fixed fee, irrespective of the amount you deposited. 

This charge is slightly higher when compared to other popular POS brands in the country. So, you may need to compare their prices to enable you to make an informed decision when looking for a POS machine to choose for your business. 

Paga POS Daily Target

From our check on the Paga official website and some users of the POS machine, they don’t have daily targets for their agents. This means that you don’t need to stress yourself about meeting a daily target since they don’t have any. 

However, to be on the safe side and boost your business, it is best to carry out as many transactions as possible to avoid Paga retrieving their POS machine from you due to negligence. It is also important to note that the higher the number of transactions you perform daily, the higher your profit. So, it is best to be committed and dedicated to enable you to make more profits. 

Paga POS Commission

As we noted in the introduction, Paga POS agents earn commissions when they perform certain transactions with their POS machine. For instance, if you use the Paga POS terminal to recharge airtime or subscribe cable, you will earn a certain commission for each transaction you perform. 

The tables below summarize the different commissions that agents earn when they use the Paga POS machine to recharge airtime, subscribe to cable, or pay an electricity bill.

4.Etisalat (9Mobile)1.76%
Table 1.1: Paga POS commission for data/airtime purchase

From the table above, we can see that once you use the POS machine to buy airtime or data for your customer, you are going to earn a certain commission, depending on the network. For Airtel and Glo, you are going to earn 2.8% of the transaction amount. For 9Mobile and MTN, you are going to earn 1.76% and 1.6% commission, respectively. 

S/NCable TypeCommission
1. DStv1.2%–1.4%
Table 1.2: Paga POS commission for cable subscription

The table above shows different commissions that Paga POS agent can earn when they use the POS terminal to help their customers subscribe to their favourite cable. 

4.EEDC post paid2%
Table1.3:Paga POS for bill payment

From the table above, we saw that you can earn different commissions when you use the POS terminal to help your customers pay their electricity bill. The commissions range from 0.8% to 2% for different discos in Nigeria. 


While Paga charges different fees when you use their POS machine to perform various transactions, like cash withdrawals and fund transfer, you can earn different commissions when you use the terminal for cable subscription, airtime top-ups, bill payments, etc. Nevertheless, ensure that you understand Paga POS charges before using it for your business.

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