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OurPass POS Charges (Withdrawals, Transfers, Daily Target)

OurPass POS machine from OurPass Fintech Company is a POS terminal that is used for financial transactions in Nigeria. The company claims that their POS machines are used to carry out transactions that are worth millions of naira on a monthly basis across the country.

OurPass, like their counterparts in the POS industry, charges different fees for those that use their terminal to perform different transactions. So, if you want to use their terminal, it is best to know their charges in order to know if you can afford it or not. 

For withdrawals and transfers done with the OurPass POS machine, they charge different fees for each transaction. So, the charges for cash withdrawal and fund transfer are entirely different. Additionally, their transfer charges also vary depending on the kind of fund transfer that you want to carry out.

Does OurPass POS charge a fee?

OurPass POS Charges

Yes, they charge different fees depending on the kind of transaction that you want to perform. Although they charge fees when you use their terminal to carry out transactions, their charges are competitive when compared with other brands. Nevertheless, in the subsequent sections, we shall be discussing in detail the different charges of the OurPass POS machine. Let’s proceed with our discussion. 

OurPass POS Charges

As we noted in the above sections, OurPass charges different fees when you use their terminal to make withdrawals or transfers. Their fees for cash withdrawals and fund transfers are not the same. 

OurPass POS Withdrawal Charges

For withdrawals, OurPass charges a flat rate of 0.5% for all withdrawal transactions done with their POS terminal. This means they charge ₦5 for each ₦1,000 withdrawn with their POS terminal.

Meanwhile, the highest charge for all the card transactions done with the OurPass POS machine is ₦1,000. This means that the highest fee that you can pay for withdrawing with this terminal is ₦1,000.

However, this fee is relatively high when compared with other POS brands in the country. So, you may compare the prices with others before opting for the one that best suits you.

OurPass POS Transfer

OurPass has different charges for various transfers. This means that inflow transfer charges are different from payout transfers. Not only that, for the payout transfers, the higher the amount, the higher the transfer fees, and vice versa.

OurPass POS Inflow Transfers Charges.

Once you receive transfers from customers using the OurPass POS machine, you will be charged a 0.1% fee for all transactions, irrespective of the amount. This means that inflow transfers to OurPass POS attract a fee of 0.1%. 

OurPass POS Payout Charges

For all outgoing transfers below ₦50,000 done with the OurPass POS machine, it attracts a charge of ₦25. So if you want to transfer with this POS machine and the amount is less than ₦50,000, you will only be charged a ₦25 fee.

On the other hand, all outgoing transfers above ₦50,000 that are done with the OurPass machine attract a fee of ₦50. So if you transfer money that is ₦50,000 with this terminal, you will be charged a ₦50 fee.

OurPass POS Daily Target

Our check on the OurPass POS website didn’t reveal whether they have daily target or not. However, as a POS agent, it is best to strive to carry out as many transactions as possible to enable you to make more sales. This is important because the higher the number of transactions you perform daily, the greater your profit. You can achieve this by locating your POS stand in a strategic area with enough human and vehicular movement.


OurPass charges different fees for their agents when they use the POS terminal to make financial transactions. The fees for cash withdrawals are different from those for fund transfers, and they are slightly higher when compared to other brands. Hence, it is important for you to conduct due diligence and compare the charges before making your final decision.

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