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Opay POS Daily Target: Latest Target

Are you an intending agent that wants to use the Opay POS terminal? Or you’re already an existing agent that wants to know the Opay POS daily target! You’re not alone; many people are in the same shoes as you but the good news is that you are in the right place. We’ll put you through shortly; stay tuned!

Opay is one of the leading fintech  platforms that has continued to revolutionize the way people handle their financial transactions. Opay has an innovative point-of-sale (POS) system that provides a seamless and secure way for businesses to accept payments from customers. 

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Opay POS Daily Target


The Opay POS daily target is  not the same for all the POS types. Since Opay  has three different types of POS machines, their daily target varies depending on the type you have. This means that if you have an Opay traditional POS terminal, its daily target will be different from that of the agent with the Opay mini POS machine. The Opay POS daily target is highlighted below:

1. Opay Traditional POS Machine Daily Target

Currently, the daily target for Opay traditional POS machines is ₦30,000. This means that if you’re an Opay POS agent that rents the traditional POS terminal, you are expected to carry out financial transactions that are equal to or above ₦30,000 on a daily basis. 

Meanwhile, if you are unable to meet the daily target, there is a likelihood that Opay may collect the terminal from you. Hence, it is best to study the environment in which you want to do your POS business to ascertain whether you will be able to meet the daily target or not. Please be guided!

2. Opay Mini POS machine Daily Target

The daily target for the POS agent that rented the Opay mini POS terminal is ₦10,000. This is the lowest daily target that you can see from the Opay POS terminal. This daily target is relatively affordable, especially for beginners or those agents that reside in rural areas where there are few financial transactions. 

So if you want to start a POS business, you can begin with this Opay mini POS terminal because it is easy to meet the daily target, unlike other types, whose daily target is relatively high.

3. Opay Smart (Android) POS Machine Daily Target

This is the Opay POS machine that has the highest daily target. The Opay smart (Android) POS machine daily target is pegged at ₦50,000. This daily target is relatively high for a beginner who may not have enough but if your POS stand is located in a busy environment, you may opt for this smart POS terminal because it is easy to use and has excellent features that make financial transactions seamless.


This daily target is only applicable to those who rent the POS machines. What this means is that if you buy a POS from Opay, you’ll not be subjected to a daily target. So if you have the money, the best thing is to buy the Opay POS machine and manage it the way you like but if you don’t have the money to buy it, you can rent it by paying the caution fee to the company. The choice is yours.

Does Opay POS Have Target?

Yes, Opay POS has a daily target But the daily target varies according to the Opay POS terminal that you rent. For the Opay mini POS machine, the daily target is ₦10,000; the daily target for the Opay traditional POS terminal is ₦30,000; and the daily target for the Opay smart POS machine is ₦50,000.


Opay POS daily targets vary depending on the type of Opay POS machine that you rent. The daily target for Opay smart POS terminal is the highest, while the Opay mini POS machine has the least daily target. However, it is crucial to note that this daily target is only applicable if you rent the POS machine. But if you buy it, there’s nothing like a daily target. Hence, if you have the money, it is better to buy the Opay POS machine  than to rent it.

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