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OneCash Loan: 6 Things To Know Before Taking A Loan From OneCash

If you’re in need of cash to meet your urgent financial need, OneCash is an option to consider.

OneCash is one of the fastest growing digital lending platforms in Nigeria that offers collateral free loans to their esteemed customers. One amazing thing about this OneCash platform is that you can take a loan from the comfort of your home.

However, as it is with other online lending platforms, OneCash has some eligibility criteria that customers must meet before they can take a loan. Apart from that, they also have other terms and conditions like interest rate, repayment plan etc. But if you don’t know how this OneCash loan works, no worries! We get you covered.

1. How Much Can I Borrow From OneCash?

OneCash Loan

The exact amount of loan that a customer can take from OneCash is not fixed because it is normally  determined by how long the customer has been on the platform and the reputation that the customer has built over time.  Additionally, credit score also counts.

However, the loan amount that a customer can take from OneCash ranges from N7,000 to N200,000. The better your credit score, the higher the amount you can borrow and vice-versa.

2. OneCash Loan Interest Rate

OneCash offers competitive interest rates on their loan. The OneCash Annual Percentage Rate(APR) ranges from 8% – 25%.

3. OneCash Loan Requirements

To be eligible for loan at OneCash, you’re expected to meet some requirements, some of the eligibility criteria include:

  • You must be a Nigerian.
  • You’re expected to have a steady source of income viz; self-employed or employed.
  • You must be up to 18 years and above.

4. OneCash Loan Repayment Plan

OneCash offers flexible loan tenor to their customers. Their repayment plan ranges from 91 days – 360 days.

5. OneCash Loan Application

To apply for the OneCash loan, follow the steps below:

  • Download the OneCash app from Google Play Store or Apple Store for Android & iOS users respectively.
  • Register an account with OneCash by filling the necessary details with your credentials.
  • Filling the loan application form with the relevant details.
  • Submit your application for review.
  • Finally, wait for the approval and if your application is successful, you’ll be notified. 

6. OneCash Loan Review

Just like other loan apps, users of OneCash have diverse views as it relates to using the app. Some of the users expressed satisfaction with the services offered by the platform while some encouraged them to improve on their service delivery.

According to our check on Google Play Store, we found out OneCash Loan App has been downloaded by about 50k users. In terms of rating, the app is rated 3.2 stars which is not really good hence there’s need for them to improve on their services.

From the Google Play Store, Deborah Ogunkoya has this to say: ‘’The best loan app so far for quick loan and easy access,with more diligence it will get its recognition’’.

According to Mubaraq Amoo: ‘’Your review time is something you should work on because it takes too long but you give the exact loan amount shown on the app’’.

OneCash Loan Summary

The key fact from the OneCash loan is summarized in the table below:

Loan Amount N7,000 – N200,000
Interest Rate8% – 25%(APR)
Repayment Plan91 days – 360 days
Requirements18 years and aboveNigerian.Employed or self-employed
Table 1.1 OneCash loan summary.


OneCash is one of the fastest growing digital lending platforms in Nigeria that offers collateral free loans to their customers. Their interest rate and repayment plan is relatively flexible.

However, it is best to understand their terms to know whether it is okay by you before opting for their services.

Borrow responsibly and spend wisely!

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