Moniepoint POS Withdrawal Charges: All You Need To Know

Moniepoint POS Withdrawal Charges: All You Need To Know

Moniepoint is one of the leading fintech companies in Nigeria, the company has been providing innovative financial solutions to millions of individuals and businesses across the country.

As a fintech company, Moniepoint offers numerous financial services including withdrawal service. However, as it is with other financial institutions Moniepoint charges fees when you make withdrawal using their agent’s Point of Sale(POS) terminal. But the good thing with their withdrawal charges is that the higher the amount you want to withdraw the lesser the charges and vice-versa. 

Moniepoint POS Withdrawal Charges

Moniepoint POS Withdrawal Charges: All You Need To Know

Moniepoint charges 0.5% of the transaction amount you withdraw when you withdraw between N1-N20,000 with their POS terminal.

In the real sense, if you withdraw N5,000, Moniepoint will charge you N25 commission.

If you withdraw N10,000, you will be charged N50 commission but if you withdraw N20,000 Moniepoint will charge you N100 commission.

However, Moniepoint charges N100 flat rate for amounts that are above N20,000. This means that if you withdraw N50,000, N100,000 etc that Moniepoint will only charge you a commission of N100.


This withdrawal charge is influenced by the location of the Moniepoint agent, hence these charges may vary depending on the location, please be guided! 

Moniepoint Charges List

Other commission that Moniepoint POS charges are summarized in the table below

S/NServices OfferedMoniepoint Commission
1.9mobile Data Top Up4.5%
2.Airtel Data Top Up4%
3.PHCN Token2%
4.MTN Data Top Up3%
5.Glo Data Top Up4%
6.StarTimes Subscription2%
7. GOtv Subscription2%
8.DSTV Subscription2%
9.TransfersN20  flat rate
Table1.1: Summary Of Moniepoint POS Charges.

How Much Does Moniepoint Charge For 10,000?

Moniepoint charges N50 commission when you withdraw N10,000. In the real sense, Moniepoint charges 0.5% fees for withdrawal between N1-N20,000. But they charge N100 flat rates for withdrawal above N20,000.

Moniepoint Charges For Transfer

Moniepoint charges N20 flat rate for all transfers. This means that whether you transfer small or big amounts of money using the Moniepoint POS terminal you will be charged N20 commission fees.


Moniepoint POS withdrawal charges are determined based on factors such as the withdrawal amount and the location of the Moniepoint agent. Hence, it is crucial to inquire about the specific charges applicable to your transaction and be aware of any additional fees imposed by your bank. While fees may vary, the convenience offered by Moniepoint POS withdrawals makes it an attractive option for individuals and businesses alike. Remember to keep yourself informed about any changes in the fee structure to enable you to make well-informed financial decisions.

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