Moneyfy Mutual Fund

Moneyfy Mutual Fund – All You Need To Know About Tata Capital Loan

When it comes to mutual funds and Systematic Investment Plan(SIP), Moneyfy by Tata Capital is an excellent option to behold. With Moneyfy by Tata Capital you can comfortably invest in mutual funds and thereafter opt for a loan online via the Moneyfy app.

Moneyfy by Tata Capital is a personal financial app with user-friendly interface and secure data which simplifies finance management hence giving you financial peace of mind when you least expect.

If you don’t know how Moneyfy by Tata Capital works, no worries! Just stay tuned as we are going to x-ray their working principle centering on loan options, investments, insurance etc.

Getting started…

Systematic Investment Plan(SIP) And Mutual Funds On Moneyfy

Moneyfy Mutual Fund

Moneyfy app is designed such that it is easy to navigate because it has a user-friendly interface. Hence allowing users to invest mutually through the Systematic Investment Plan.

As a newbie who wants to invest in different sectors of life, Moneyfy is always there for you through their user-friendly mobile app. The kinds of investment at Moneyfy all enumerated below:

1. Hybrid Funds: This involves investing in a mixture of debt-based and equity funds.

2. ELSS Mutual Funds: Explore tax benefits with Equity Linked Service Scheme(ELSS).

3. Equity Funds: This involves investing in equity-related mutual funds.

4. Debt Funds: Investing in safer debt-based mutual funds.

5. NFOs: Staying updated with new investment opportunities through New Fund Offerings(NFOs).

6. Direct Equity: Opting for direct individual stocks investment.

7. National Pension Scheme(NPS): Saving part of your salary against retirement.

8. Systematic Investment Plan(SIP): Transferring money systematically via mutual funds.

9. Corporate Fixed Deposits(CFD): Earn high interest rate when you operate a fixed deposit account from a renowned corporation.

10. Systematic Withdrawal Plan(SWP): Withdrawing money from mutual funds investment.

Loan Options At Moneyfy

If you need money to invest or for personal expense, Moneyfy got you covered. Interestingly, the Moneyfy loan application requires minimal documentation and requirements with flexible interest rate and repayment option. 

The different loan options at Moneyfy are outlined below:

1. Home Loan: If you want to earn a home, apply for home loan.

2. Business Loan: Take business loans to scale up your business.

3. Personal Loan: For your personal expenditures, take a personal loan.

4. Loan Against Security: Take out loans for your financial security.

5. God Loan: Borrow loan using your gold as collateral.

6. Two-Wheeler Loan: In need of a two-wheeler, opt for a two-wheeler loan.

7. Loan Against Property: Opt for a loan using your property as collateral.

Moneyfy Loan Application Process

Applying for Moneyfy loan is pretty easy, just follow the steps below to apply:

  • Download and install the Moneyfy loan app via a verified app store.
  • Create an account with your details to get started.
  • Complete your documentation process including Know Your Customer(KYC) verification.
  • Opt for the loan type that is suitable for you.
  • Enter the required documents and submit your application for review.
  • If your loan application is app approved, the loan amount will be disbursed to your account.

Moneyfy Customer Care

For assistance and inquiry, you can reach out to Moneyfy customer unit via the following handle:


Call: 18602661996

Is Moneyfy Legit?

YES. Moneyfy is legit.

It is one of the most reliable and convenient lending platforms in India that offers excellent financial services to Indians. 

However, it is best to carry out independent research about their modus operandi before opting for their lending services.

Moneyfy Loan Review

Just like other lending platforms, users of Moneyfy platform have diverse views about the mode of operation of the platform. 

Some users express satisfaction with the financial service offered by Moneyfy while others urge the platform to improve on their services for the total well-being of the users.

According to Play store which is a downloading and reviewing platform, it reveals that over one million users have downloaded the Moneyfy loan app with about 3.5 stars ratings from reviewers. The platform is averagely good but they need to improve on their service delivery.

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