Hydrogen POS Machine
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Hydrogen POS Machine: How to Apply, Charges, Price, Daily Target, etc. 

If you want to become the Hydrogen POS agent or you’ve got the terminal but don’t know how to use it, then this comprehensive guide will be of immeasurable help to you.

The Hydrogen POS machine from Access Bank is designed to help businesses and individuals carry out their transactions with ease. The POS machine has pre-activated SIM card with an unlimited data subscription. Not only that, it also has a WiFi feature that can connect to roaming data with ease. 

This POS terminal can be used to perform different financial transactions, as with other POS brands in the country. They offer a competitive price, and there is no daily target. Above all, it is quite simple to get the POS terminal from their office or by applying for it online. 

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Why Hydrogen POS 

Hydrogen POS Machine

Hydrogen POS machine have unique features that differentiate it from other brands. Although they have the same common features as other brands, they also have additional features that stand them out. Their unique features are:

  • It come with free SIM card
  • The Hydrogen POS machine also has unlimited data subscription; hence, you don’t need to subscribe to it with data again.
  • The Hydrogen POS machine also has WiFi enabled in it.
  • Real-time monitoring of financial transactions
  • It also allows seamless integration of Android features.

Hydrogen POS Charges 

Hydrogen charges 0.5% for withdrawals done with their POS machine. However, the charge is capped at ₦100. This means that you won’t be charged more than ₦100 when you make withdrawals with the Hydrogen POS machine. 

So, for withdrawal transactions between ₦1,000 and ₦20,000, hydrogen charges between ₦5 and ₦100, respectively. However, any withdrawals above ₦20,000, they charge a flat rate of ₦100. This means the higher the withdrawal amount, the lower the fee, and not vice-versa. 

Hydrogen POS Daily Target

Interestingly, Hydrogen POS doesn’t have a daily target. This means that you may not need to bother yourself about meeting a daily target when using the Hydrogen POS machine. 

However, you are expected to perform a weekly minimum transaction of ₦100,000. This means that if you carry out different transactions that are worth ₦100,000 per week, you’re good to go with the Hydrogen POS terminal. 

How to Apply for Hydrogen POS Machine

To get the hydrogen POS machine, follow the steps below:

  • Login to their official website at hydrogen-pos
  • Fill out the application
  • Provide the necessary documents, like valid ID card, recent passport, BVN, etc.
  • Verify your document and login
  • Make the necessary payment 
  • Receive your POS machine, and that’s all. 

Hydrogen POS Machine Price

The price of the Hydrogen POS machine is around ₦30,000. However, this price is not fixed; it is subject to slight negotiation. In some instances, you may only be required to pay a caution fee to get to the terminal. So, you can get the POS terminal from their office or by applying for it online.

How to Use Hydrogen POS

After getting the Hydrogen POS machine, you will need to start using it. If you don’t know how to use the POS terminal, follow the steps below:

  • Unpack the POS machine from its box
  • Switch it on
  • Click on the Hydrogen app on the POS terminal.
  • Initiate transaction by clicking on the ‘’purchase icon’’ on the POS’s interface.
  • Start the transaction by entering the transaction amount
  • Begin the payment process by inputting the debit card, entering the transaction PIN, and proceeding by clicking the enter button.
  • After a successful transaction, you can print the receipt. That’s all.

Hydrogen POS Customer Care Number

If you want to contact Hydrogen POS customer care for assistance or inquiries, you can reach out to them through their handles below:

Call: (+234) 91 683 48893

Email: support@hydrogenpay.com 



Office: Plot 1618 Danmole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


Hydrogen POS machines come with pre-activated SIM cards and an unlimited data subscription. This terminal can be used to carry out different financial transactions. It can be obtained by applying for it online and visiting their office. It cost about N30,000 to get the POS machine. However, if you have issues with applying or using the POS terminal, don’t hesitate to contact their customer care unit for assistance.

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