How To Subscribe To MTN Night Plan

How To Subscribe To MTN Night Plan [MTN Night Plan Code]

Do you know that you can get 250 MB & 500 MB for just N25 & N50 respectively?

If you need a night data plan to keep your  body and soul  together during your night activities, MTN night plan is an option to consider.

Sometimes, we may want to download/watch our favorite movie online but may not have enough data to do so. It is always disappointing and boring, right? But do you know that with the MTN night plan you can keep yourself entertained for the whole night at a minimum cost? Well! I will guide you on how it works and the code you can use to activate it.

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Overview Of MTN Night Plan

How To Subscribe To MTN Night Plan

The MTN night plan was introduced in 2016. The package allows MTN Pulse users to get 250 MB for as low as N25.

This data plan is relatively cheap and easy to get. This offer normally lasts from 11:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m daily.

Currently, the MTN night plan is the most affordable data plan in Nigeria because with just N25 & N50, you can get 250 MB and 500 MB respectively. The MTN night plan offer is primarily designed for MTN Pulse subscribers who normally need data at night to run their night activities.

The most interesting thing about this data plan is that you can use it to download movies/music, scroll through social media like whatsapp, facebook etc. among other activities.

Categories Of MTN Night Plan

From the foregoing, we can see that there are various types of MTN night plans. They include:

  • 500MB for N50
  • 250MB for N25

These data plans only last for about 7 hours(i.e 11 pm – 6 am). Ensure that you use it responsibly.

Requirement To Use MTN Night Plan

To be able to use the MTN night plan, you’re expected to meet the following criteria. They are:

  • The MTN subscriber must have at least N25 in your line.
  • Once you subscribe to this plan, you must stay awake all night to enjoy your data offer. 
  • You must be on the MTN Pulse tariff plan.

How To Subscribe To The MTN Night Plan

If you want to subscribe to the MTN night plan, just follow the steps below:

  • On your dial pad, press *406#.
  • On the option box, enter ‘’3’’ and select the plan you want to opt for by entering the corresponding number.


  • If you want to subscribe for 250 MB for N25, just dial *406*3*1#.
  • If you want to subscribe for 500 MB for N50, just dial *406*3*2#

How To Check MTN Data Balance

If after subscribing and you want to check your MTN data balance, all you need to do is to follow the steps below:

  • Open your phone and go to the dial pad.
  • Dial *310#.
  • A message will prompt which will show you your data balance.

The above code for checking MTN data balance is a new code that was introduced recently by the Nigeria Communication Commission(NCC) to harmonize codes among network providers in the country. Hence, *131# is no longer functional for both data subscription and checking of balance.

How To Check MTN Night Plan Data Balance

If you want to check your MTN night plan data balance, just follow the steps below:

  • On your dial pad, press *406#.
  • Once the message prompts, select option ‘’3’’ by entering the space provided.
  • Once you enter ‘’3’’, a message will prompt that will showcase your MTN night plan data balance.

How To Subscribe For MTN Night Plan Using SMS

If you want to subscribe to MTN night plan using the Short Message Service(SMS), just follow the steps below to do that:

  • For a 250 MB MTN night plan, just text NT1 to 312.
  • For a 500 MB MTN night plan, just text NT2 to 312.


This code *312# is the new code for accessing most of the MTN services because 131 is no longer functional.

Summary Of The MTN Night Plan

The table below summarizes the MTN night data plan.

S/NData bundlePriceActivation codeSMS
1.250 MBN25*406*3*1#SMS NT1 to 312
2.500 MBN50*406*3*2#SMS NT2 to 312
Table 1.1 Summary of MTN night plan.

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