How to Get OurPass POS Machine
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How to Get OurPass POS Machine 2024: Apply

Perhaps you’ve heard of Ourpass POS machines, but you don’t know how to get them. No worries; we got you covered. Stay tuned as I walk you through the seamless process.

OurPass POS machine is one of the most widely used POS terminals in Nigeria. Just like other POS brands, OurPass POS can be used to perform a number of financial transactions, ranging from cash withdrawals, fund transfers, bill payments, airtime top-ups, and cable subscriptions, among others. 

It has the same working principle like other popular POS brands like Moniepoint, Opay, etc. OurPass POS machine can be obtained either online or by visiting their physical office in-person. Hence, applying for and getting it is always seamless and hassle-free since there are a variety of options through which you can apply.

Why OurPass POS Machine

How to Get OurPass POS Machine

As a business owner, you need an OurPass POS machine to be able to carry out different financial transactions and boost your business. Some of the transactions that can be done with the machine include:

  • It can be used for cash withdrawal
  • OurPass POS machine can be used for fund transfers.
  • The terminal can be used for bill payment
  • It can also be used for cable subscription
  • You can also use the OurPas POS terminal for airtime and data top-up.

Having known the reasons why you need the OurPass POS machine for your business, let’s proceed with the procedures you can follow to apply. We will be doing that in the next section.

How to Get OurPass POS Machine

Applying for and getting an OurPass POS machine is quite simple and straightforward. Interestingly, you can apply for it online via their mobile app from your comfort zone, or if you prefer, you can visit any of their outlets closest to you to apply. 

How to Apply for OurPass POS Machine Via App

One of the easiest ways to apply for the OurPass POS machine is through their mobile app. Follow the steps below to apply:


Before you can get an OurPass POS machine, you are expected to have an active OurPass account. Also, you must be a verified merchant to be able to get it.

  • Visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download the OurPass mobile app for Android and iOS users, respectively. 
  • Sign up for the app and follow the on-screen verification process to get verified.
  • Go to the bar menu and open it. 
  • Once signed in, look at the top left side of the homepage and click on the three lines to open the menu bar. 
  • Once at the menu bar, choose the ‘’Point-of-Sale (POS) option.
  • Tap on the ‘’Request POS’’ button that is boldly written on the page.
  • Fill out the application form that will prompt you.
  • Ensure that you input your details correctly. 
  • After filling out the form, you can tap on the ‘’Request Terminal’’ option.
  • After submitting your details, they will run a check through your information to determine your eligibility. 
  • They will check your previous three-month transactions, and if you’re eligible, the POS machine will be given to you.

If you’re not comfortable with the above application processes, you can check out the section below on the alternative method to follow.

How to Apply for OurPass POS Machine at their Office

Another method that you can use to apply for OurPass POS machines is by visiting their office in-person. To get started, do this:

  • Check-in at any of their offices nearest to you
  • Meet their staff and request a POS machine.
  • They will ask you a few question to determine your eligibility
  • If you’re qualified, they will give you an application form where you can fill out your details.
  • After submitting the form, you will be required to pay a certain fee.
  • After making the payment, they will issue with a POS machine. As simple as that.

OurPass Office

OurPass offices are located both in Lagos State and Abuja. So, if you are within Abuja, Lagos, or its environs, you can visit their office to get a POS machine or make an inquiry about their other businesses. Their address is below:

Lagos Office: 13/14 Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Abuja Office: 5, Kwaji Close Street, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

OurPass POS Customer Care 

If you have issues about applying for the POS machine or you have challenges using their POS terminal, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact their customer care representative through the means below:

Phone Call: 02013302999

WhatsApp Number: +2349113894200

Email Address:


Applying for and getting an OurPass POS machine is very easy. It can be obtained online through their mobile app or by visiting their office. However, before you can get this POS terminal, you must have an OurPass account and be a verified merchant. You can check them out today to see if you’re eligible. 

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