How To Deactivate Palmpay Security Plugin

How To Deactivate Palmpay Security Plugin And Watermark On Android [A Simple Guide]

If you want to remove, deactivate, uninstall or bypass the Palmpay security plugin & watermark on your android phone, then this write up may be a good companion for you.

Palmpay is a fintech company that offers different kinds of financial services like loan, fund transfer, bill payment, cable subscription etc to their esteemed customers. 

Sometimes, if you take a loan from Palmpay and due to some unforeseen circumstances you’re unable to repay the loan on time as agreed, they will use the Palmpay security plugin to restrict you from accessing your smartphone. 

However, before you can remove or deactivate the Palmpay security plugin, you will need to repay your outstanding first. Once you’ve repaid your loan, we can then proceed with the deactivation process.

Let’s dive in…

What Is A Palmpay Security Plugin?

How To Deactivate Palmpay Security Plugin

Palmpay security plugin is a regulatory measure that Palmpay uses to checkmate and remind those who refuse to repay their loan.

Once this plugin is installed on your device, the functionality of your device will be limited hence you may not be able to access the vital files and documents in your device. The Palmpay security plugin is also called watermark or reminder completely.

This plugin can only be removed when you pay off your outstanding Palmpay loan.

What Causes Palmpay Security Plugin On Android?

Palmpay will install a security plugin on your smartphone when you take a loan and fail to repay as agreed.

The company uses the security plugin to resist you from accessing your android phone. Once this plugin is installed on your phone by Palmpay you’ll no longer have access to the important files and documents on your smartphone.

Meanwhile, the Palmpay security plugin can only be removed or deactivated once you repay your loan. Having known what causes the Palmpay security plugin installation on your device, let’s now move to the next section where we shall be discussing how to deactivate it.

How To Remove Palmpay Security Plugin On Android

If you want to deactivate or remove the Palmpay security plugin, you’ll first of all repay your loan first. To do that,  just follow the simple steps below:

  • Login to your Palmpay app with your details.
  • Search for the ‘’OK’’ card button from the available service list or better still, you can just tap on ‘’FINANCE’’  tab in the menu. 
  • At this point, you’ll need to repay your loan if you’ve not done that before now.
  • Once you’re repaying your loan, look at the top right corner of the Palmpay app page and tap on the ‘’Icon Option’’.
  • After clicking on the icon option, look for the tab/button that says remove/deactivate security plugin and tap on it.
  • Finally, tap on ‘’Disable Palmpay reminder’’ and that’s all. As simple as that.


If after following the above steps carefully and you’re still unable to uninstall the Palmpay security plugin, you may need to take your android phone to a knowledgeable phone technician who will flash the phone and deactivate the plugin.


Removing the Palmpay security plugin is pretty simple, it doesn’t require rigorous processes but before you can deactivate it, you will need to repay your Palmpay outstanding loan.

However, it is best to repay your loan on time so that Palmpay will not install a security plugin in your device. Hence, next time you take a loan from Palmpay, ensure that you repay on time to avoid negative rewards.

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