How to Arrange Food Stuff Shop

How to Arrange Food Stuff Shop (7 Simple Ways)

Food stuff Shop arrangement matters a lot since it is where people can buy their consumable goods; hence, it should be well organized to create an inviting environment and a welcoming atmosphere. Since no customer can patronize a dirty and unkept shop, arranging your store will likely increase sales and patronage.

If you arrange your shop properly, it will help customers see all the food items at a glance, which can lead to impulse purchases, enabling you to make more sales and get more profit. So, in this comprehensive guide, we’re going to show you how you can arrange your food stuff shop to increase sales.

How to Arrange Food Stuff Shop in Nigeria

Arranging your food store is not difficult since there are different tips you can use to do that and increase sales. The measures you can use to arrange your food stuff store are outlined below:

1. Prepare an Outstanding Layout

The layout of your food stuff shop will go a long way in determining your sales. Hence, it is important to design a well-thought-out layout that will showcase your food items to potential buyers.

Follow these guidelines below to arrange your food stuff shop:

i. Organize and put out your shop to allow easy movement of customers

Put out essential and high-demand products like diaries and fresh produce at the back of your store so that customers will see other items before buying those high-demand products.

ii. Tag or label your products for easy identification.

Ensure that you label all your food stuff items properly to enable customers to identify them with ease.

iii. Showcase attractive items at the entrance of your store

Display most of your alluring and mouthwatering food items at your storefront to attract potential buyers.

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2. Proper Inventory Management

Inventory management will not only increase your sales; it will also help to maintain the freshness of your products, which will invariably reduce waste and increase your profit.

Some of the proper inventory management tips you can adopt include:

i. Use of inventory software

You can buy inventory management software, which you can use to forecast demand, track the level of your stock, and, of course, automate your re-order processes.

ii. Adopt First-in, first-out (FIFO) Mechanism

Educate your staff to ensure that old stocks are sold out before entering the new ones to avoid the issue of numerous expired products.

iii. Check your stock on a regular interval

Maintain a culture of regularly checking your stocks to identify products that are about to expire and sell them out at a discounted price to avert total losses.

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3. Group Similar Food items 

How to Arrange Food Stuff Shop

Another method that you can use to arrange your  food stuff store and increase sales is by categorizing similar food items together. To achieve effective grouping of your food items, you can try these tips:

i. Arrange similar food items on one shelf

Put similar food items together for easy location. For instance, you can put all perishable goods in a section, while canned items will be grouped on a different shelf.

ii. Group your food items in a logical order

Ensure that you place your food items in sequential order in line with the customer’s usage. For instance, coffee should be kept close to sugar and creamer.

iii. Preserve Food items in the refrigerator

Ensure that you keep all your perishable food items in a chilled refrigerator to maintain their freshness.

4. Make provision for adequate space for your customers

While product management and arrangement are very important, it is also important to provide a comfortable shopping environment for your teaming customers. Utilize the tips below to provide space for your customers.

i.  Provide a simple check-out method

Ensure that your check-out area is simple, user-friendly, and has enough space where customers can keep their bags while paying for their purchases. Employ well-trained staff that will speed up the payment process.

ii. Make provision where customers can sit

You can also carve out a small space where customers can rest whenever they are tired or done shopping to give them comfort.

iii. Create a large space where customers can pass with ease.

Ensure that your store has enough passage space where customers can move effortlessly.

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5. Lighting Source

Another essential thing that you should incorporate into your food stuff shop is proper lighting. Proper lighting will definitely increase your sales, as it will brighten the store, making it more visible for impulse purchases from customers. 

All you need to do is have a standby electricity supply to augment the public power supply should their be a power outage. Buy high-quality bulbs or any other light source to brighten your store and increase patronage and sales.

Additionally, ensure that your food stuff store is tidy all day long to attract new customers and return existing ones because of its welcoming atmosphere.

6. Use your store’s shelving units to display all your food items

Ensure that you display your food items on the shelf for easy visualization. You can utilize the tips below to maximize space in your store through your shelf.

i. Use shelves that are adjustable

When getting a shelf for your store, ensure that you buy an adjustable shelf that you can easily increase in height to accommodate more products with different shapes and sizes.

ii. Use automatic Shelves

If you have money, you can buy automated shelves because they will help bring old stocks to the fronts as customers pick items from the shelf. Hence, the shelve will automatically bring forward old stock to ensure that no food items get spoilt in the shelve. 

iii. Use freestanding displays

You can also make use of freestanding displays to showcase special offers, seasonal food items, or new arrivals.

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7. Adopt customer feedback and make necessary adjustment

Once you have adopted all the food stuff store arrangements mentioned above, it is best to listen to customer feedback and adjust your store when necessary.

You can do this by using the customer surveys and feedback forms to get insights into their shopping experience and preferences. Not only that, you can still seek opinions from your staff on product arrangements and customer interactions since they will always get firsthand contact with customers.


Arranging your food stuff store involves thoughtful planning and proper categorization of your shop; it is not difficult to achieve if you follow the lay-down procedures in this article. If you arrange your food stuff shop properly, it will attract more customers, which will definitely increase sales, enabling you to make more profits from your business.

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