high demand products-with low ompetition

High Demand Products With Low Competition 2023

Starting up a business is usually good but to achieve success in your business, it is always good to sell products that are highly sought-after in a low competition business niche. This is important because the success of a new business is dependent on the products you sell and the number of people that are selling the same product as you. 

Hence, it is important to identify products that are highly demanded with low competition in your area so that you will be able to achieve success in your business. So, we have designed this comprehensive guide to enumerate different products that people demand frequently to enable you to  choose the niche that is most suitable for you.

High Demand Products With Low Competition

There are numerous highly demanded products globally, they are enumerated below:

1. Solar Energy Products

High Demand Products With Low Competition

According to Statista, it is projected that solar PV demand is expected to reach a total 125.2 gigawatts around the world in 2024. 

This high demand for solar products is due to increasing awareness for environmental sustainability. Globally, there is clamor for the adoption of green technology that is devoid of environmental pollution hence people are now making use of solar energy products which has led to high demand of the products across the world.

In order to maintain sustainability and save cost as well, people will continue to demand solar energy products hence providing evergreen and endless business opportunities for those who wish to start the business.

Meanwhile, when it comes to competition in selling of solar energy products, it is very minimal because many business owners are yet to cue into selling these products since it is still gaining popularity. Report from  Ahrefs, also reveals that there is not much competition in the solar product market.

2. Home Office Equipment

Due to globalization of the world by technology, many people have resorted to working from home instead of going to the office which has increased the demand for home office equipment hence providing business opportunities for those who may wish to start a business in that niche. 

As a matter of fact, if you want to start selling home office equipment, it is best to pay attention to technological gadgets like webcams, mice and other related computer accessories because the demand for them will continue to increase even in the near future. In addition to that, since people across the globe have adopted the concept of technology which is powered by computers, starting a business in this niche will be lucrative. A report from Statista has it that the size of the global office supply market is projected to grow  in 2025 and reach over 270 billion U.S. dollars.

3. Health & Wellness Product

Another product that is highly-sought after with low competition is health and wellness products. Health is wealth, so people will definitely take care of their health which will definitely lead to increasing demand for health products.

Although many people are aware that health & wellness products are highly demanded, it’s only a few businesses that sell these products because of the regulations in some countries because selling of these products is solely for health practitioners in some countries. So, if you have what it takes to sell health and wellness products, then you can go ahead and start the business because it is very lucrative and there’s low competition in the niche. 

4. Pet Products

Pet products are another indispensable product that is highly sought-after. The demand for this product is high because pets have become an integral part of some people both old and young. In fact, some people can’t do without pets hence increasing the demand for it globally.

According to Statista, it projected that the demand for pet products like food will definitely increase which will lead to revenue generation of about  US$143.6bn by the end of 2023. From this projection, we can see that products are highly demanded hence selling of pet products becomes very lucrative. Fortunately, this niche is not competitive because business owners are yet to explore the opportunities in the pet business. Selling pet products is a good business to behold.

5. Sporting Products/Equipment

Sporting products is another product that is highly demanded by people because more people are cueing into sporting to keep fit hence leading to the high demand of the sporting equipment. Nowadays, people buy sporting equipment for both personal and businesses. Sporting centers are established on a daily basis and these centers will definitely need sporting equipment to be operational hence the demand for sporting equipment will keep increasing on a daily basis.

A projection from Statista, has it that there is high demand for sporting equipment which has led to increasing revenue generation from the niche. It is expected that by the end of 2023, the revenue that will be generated from the sports equipment market will amount to US$160.90bn. There is low competition in the selling of sporting products.

6. LED Product

Another low competitive product with high demand is LED. LED lamps not only give people bright light but it also helps them to save energy at no extra cost since gas is not needed to make it functional. Because of its eco-friendly & hazardous-free nature, many people have resorted to using LED lamps as their light source. As many people have continued to use LED lamps. It has definitely increased the demand for the product in the market.

However, since many people are not aware of the demand for the LED product there is minimal competition in selling LED products hence providing endless business opportunities for those who may want to start the business. 

According to Statista, it projected that there is increasing demand for LED lamps because of 2020, the market cap of LED lamps was $76 billion but there is projection that by 2026, the LED lighting market be valued at 160 billion U.S dollars which depicts a high demand for the products.

7. Smart Home Devices/Products

Since the world is going digital, many people have resorted to acquiring smart home devices to improve their standard of living. Nowadays people demand for keyless door locks, smart light bulbs, smart thermostats etc. And guess what? Most business owners don’t know that these products are highly sought-after hence they don’t bother themselves to venture into the business since they don’t see it as a lucrative business hence there is not much competition in selling smart home devices because there are only a few people that are aware of the business.

In fact, smart  home devices are among the fastest growing business niche in the world because many people are adopting the idea of using smart devices in their homes. A projection from Statista, has it that by 2027, the number of people that will be using smart home device will be up to 93.6m while the revenue generation in the market will be up to US$52.19bn in the same 2027 which is a clear indication that this business niche offer evergreen opportunities for intending business owners that want to engage in this business.

8. Bathroom Accessories/Products

Another low competition product in our list that is highly sought after is bathroom accessories. 

It is no more news that people are upgrading their bathroom to modern standards hence leading to the high demand of bathroom accessories. Some of the bathroom accessories that are highly sought after include soap dispenser, toilet brush, toilet roll holder and lots more. Most business owners see toilet accessories as common products that aren’t worth selling hence many people overlook the business but the reality is that the products are highly demanded and there is not much competition in selling bathroom accessories.

Our check on Statista,  revealed that the market cap of bathroom accessories will amount to 29.41 billion U.S. dollars by 2025 as opposed to the 2019 market revenue 21.49 billion U.S. dollars. From this projection, we can see that there is potential opportunity in selling bathroom accessories because it is an evergreen business with low competition.

9. Kitchen Accessories/Products

Just like bathroom accessories, Kitchen accessories are also highly sought after and there’s low competition in the niche too. Many people have started giving their kitchens a befitting look which has led to increasing demand for kitchen accessories. Interestingly, not many business owners are aware that selling kitchen accessories is profitable so there is minimal competition in the business niche. It is profitable too.

10. Bluetooth Gadgets

The last but not the least in our list is bluetooth gadgets. This product is needed by all and sundry because many people add it as part of their fashion which has led to the increasing demand of the gadgets. Most people strive to live conveniently and one of the ways they achieve that is by playing their favorite music with the bluetooth gadget. Fortunately, the use of bluetooth gadgets is still gaining popularity, so many business owners have not started selling this point product hence reducing competition in this business niche.


From our discussion so far, we have seen that there are numerous high demand products with low competition. Hence, if you want to start any business, it is best to consider any of the above mentioned products because there are evergreen business opportunities in all the products outlined in this write up.

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