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DotPay POS Machine: Charges, Price, Daily Target, How to Apply, and More

DotPay is one of the newly launched fintech companies in Nigeria. They offer different kinds of financial services, like fund transfers, cash withdrawals, and even loans, and above all, they give out POS machines to interested businesses and individuals.

They have been in existence for over a year and they have offered lots of financial services to their esteemed customers. Although they are not found in all the states in Nigeria, they have continued to spread across the federation. 

While their POS machine has similar features as other brands, DotPay doesn’t sell their POS terminal; they only rent it to interested people. One good thing about them is that they don’t have daily targets for their agents. 

Applying for and getting a DotPay POS machine is pretty easy since you can get it by visiting their office or by reaching out to any of their aggregators nearest to you. 

Features of DotPay POS Machine

DotPay POS Machine

The DotPay POS machine has several features, just like other POS machine brands. Some of the features are:

  • Withdrawals
  • Deposits
  • Bill payment
  • Cable subscription
  • Receipt printing.

DotPay POS Machine Price

The price of the DotPay POS machine is ₦25,000. This price is for renting the POS terminal. Meanwhile, it is pertinent to note that DotPay don’t sell their POS machine. So, you can only rent the terminal.

This means that if you have the intention of buying a POS machine for your business, then the DotPay POS terminal is not for you because they don’t sell theirs.

However, if you return the POS machine to DotPay within the first six months of renting it, they will refund ₦10,000 to you. But if it exceeds 6 months before you return it, then you may not be compensated with any amount. 

DotPay POS Charges

DotPay charges different fees when you transact with their machine. They charge different fees for withdrawals and deposits.

DotPay POS Withdrawal Charges

For withdrawals that are less than ₦20,000, DotPay charges ₦5 for each ₦1,000 you withdraw. For instance;

  • ₦1,000 = ₦5
  • ₦5,000 = ₦25
  • ₦10,000 = ₦50
  • ₦15,000 = ₦75
  • ₦20,000 = ₦100

However, for withdrawals that are above ₦20,000, DotPay charges a flat rate of ₦100. So, even if you withdraw ₦500,000 with this machine, you will only be charged ₦100. 

On the other hand, DotPay charges a flat fee of ₦25 for all deposits done with their POS machine. 

DotPay POS Daily Target

Fortunately, DotPay doesn’t have a daily target. This means that you don’t need to worry yourself about meeting a daily target since they don’t have any.

However, DotPay expects its agents to perform a minimum of 20 transactions daily, irrespective of the amount. So, if you fail to perform 20 transactions daily for consecutive days, they may take back their POS machine.

To this end, if you’re a DotPay POS agent, you are expected to do your best to ensure that you carry out the minimum transaction to avoid them retrieving their POS machine.

Documents Required to Get a DotPay POS Machine

To get the DotPay POS machine, you must have relevant documents. They include:

  • Valid means of identification, like NIN, driver’s license, international passport, etc.
  • Utility bill receipts, like NEPA bill, water bills, etc.
  • BVN
  • Recent passport photograph

How to Apply for DotPay POS Machine: Become an Agent

Now that you know the DotPay POS charges and the necessary documents required to apply for the machine,. Let me now show you the steps you can follow to apply for the POS terminal.

  • Visit any of their outlets nearest to you in person, or better yet, you can reach out to their aggregator and request the POS machine
  • Fill out the DotPay POS machine application that will be given to you with the necessary details.
  • Provide a valid means of identification and other supporting documents.
  • Make the necessary payment
  • Finally, you will get the POS machine. As simple as that. 


Just like other POS machine brands, the DotPay POS machine has numerous financial features. There are different fees for various transactions. However, they don’t have daily targets for their agents like other POS companies. So, if you need their POS terminal, you can visit their office in person or contact any of their aggregators nearest to you.

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