Does ALAT Virtual Dollar Card Work on AliExpress

Does ALAT Virtual Dollar Card Work on AliExpress? Find Out Now!

The ALAT Virtual Dollar Card is a digital card that is designed to make online transactions easier, especially for those who want to make payments in foreign currencies like the United States Dollar (USD). 

This virtual card works on the Visa payment network which means that it is widely accepted by international online retailers, including AliExpress. The ALAT Virtual Dollar card is designed to enable users to shop online with ease, pay for subscriptions, and of course make any other online payments requiring a card. But can you use this virtual dollar card on AliExpress? Is the focus of this article. You’re going to find out shortly, stay tuned!

Does ALAT Virtual Dollar Card Work on AliExpress?

Does ALAT Virtual Dollar Card Work on AliExpress

Yes, ALAT Virtual Dollar Card works on AliExpress. This digital card can be used to place orders on international online retailers such as AliExpress. 

Meanwhile, the limit to what you can buy on AliExpress using this virtual card is dependent on the type of card you have and your personal card limit. As you may have known, there are different ALAT cards that WEMA bank issues to their users such as Classic, Gold, and Platinum cards.  

However, if you don’t know how to check your ALAT card limit for online transactions, you do that by checking your virtual card details on the ALAT app or website. It is important to note that the limit for digital transactions may vary from your overall card limit such as POS transactions, ATM withdrawals and their likes.

Additionally, apart from your ALAT virtual card transaction limit, AliExpress may have their own transaction limits & restrictions. Hence, it is best to check their official website for detailed information on their policies and programs. Also, in order to experience a seamless payment process, enable your card for international transactions. 

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How to Use ALAT Virtual Dollar Card on AliExpress

To use ALAT virtual dollar card on AliExpress, you can follow the simple steps below:

1. Set Up an ALAT Account

If you don’t have an ALAT virtual card, you’ll need to create an ALAT account in order to get the digital card. Creating an ALAT account is quite simple, just provide some personal information & documentation and you’re good to go.

2. Fund Your ALAT Account

Before you can use your ALAT Virtual Dollar Card on AliExpress, you must fund your ALAT account with the desired amount in USD. You can fund your account  by making a transfer from your local bank account or using other funding methods that are supported by ALAT.

3. Generate a Virtual Dollar Card

Once you’re done funding your  ALAT account, you can generate a Virtual Dollar Card from within the app. Your virtual card will have a unique card number, expiration date, and CVV code, just like a physical credit card.

4. Link Your Virtual Dollar Card to AliExpress

After creating the virtual card, you will need to link to AliExpress before you can use it. To link your card, go to your AliExpress account settings and add a new payment method. You’ll need to enter the card details generated by ALAT. When linking the card, ensure that the name and billing address you provide match the details associated with your ALAT account.

5. Verify Your Card

In some scenarios, AliExpress may ask for card verification by charging a small amount (usually less than $1) to your ALAT Virtual Dollar Card. This is a standard procedure to confirm the card’s authenticity. However, you’ll need to check your ALAT account statement for the exact amount and enter it on AliExpress for verification.

6. Start Shopping

Once your ALAT Virtual Dollar Card is verified, you can start shopping on AliExpress just like any other user. This virtual card will work for payments in USD, hence making it possible to make purchases from AliExpress.


ALAT virtual dollar card works on AliExpress. Although there may be limitations to the kinds of orders you can place on AliExpress using the card depending on your card type and AliExpress policies. Hence, it is best to understand your virtual card  limitations before using it to make purchases at international retailers. 

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