Cheap things to buy from Dubai and sell in Nigeria

Top 5 Cheap Things to Buy From Dubai and Sell in Nigeria

If you are an international trader who imports goods from Dubai and resells in Nigeria, it is best to buy cheap items from Dubai and resell them at a higher price in Nigeria. Although not all the goods at Dubai are cheap, there are still locally made goods there that are affordable when compared to Nigerian prices. 

There are many goods in Dubai that when you import and resell them in Nigeria, you will make lots of profits. Most of these goods are essential goods while others are goods that we use in our day to day activities. 

Cheap Things to Buy From Dubai and sell in Nigeria Naira

The best and affordable goods you can buy from Dubai and resell in Nigeria are enumerated below:

1. Electronics

One of the cheapest goods you can buy from Dubai and resell in Nigeria to make gains is electronics. Dubai is generally known as a hub for electronics goods, hence you can buy them at cheaper rates and resell them in Nigeria. There are different kinds of electronics that you can buy from Dubai such as laptops, home appliances, smartphones etc. 

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2. Fashion and Accessories

When it comes to fashion items and accessories, Dubai is known for selling quality fashion items at affordable prices. Since fashion items are highly sought after in Nigeria, you can import an array of fashion items like shoes, clothing, handbags & their accessories from Dubai and make lots of money from it. 

3. Perfumes and Cosmetics

Dubai is widely known for selling luxurious cosmetics and perfumes at a cheap price, and these products are in high demand in Nigeria. So, if you import them from Dubai, you’re going to make lots of profit from it.

4. Gold and Jewelry

Cheap Things to Buy From Dubai and Sell in Nigeria

Dubai is often referred to as the city of Gold because of its renowned gold market. Without being told, you will agree with me that gold is cheap in Dubai and since Nigerians highly demand for gold jewelry, it won’t be a bad idea to start importing gold and jewelry to Nigeria. Then resell it and earn your money.

5. Furniture and Home Decor

Another cheap product that is worth importing to Nigeria from Dubai is modern furniture and home decor items. Since there are numerous real estate and interior design markets in Nigeria that demand stylish & modern furniture and home decor items, it makes sense to import them from Dubai at cheap price and resell them at higher price in Nigeria. 


There are numerous goods that you can import from Dubai and resell at relatively high prices in Nigeria. Examples of such products include gold, jewelry, electronics, fashion items, cosmetics etc. You can give it a try today and you will be happy that you did.

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