Binomo investment

Binomo Investment: How It Works, Everything You Need To Know

Binomo is an online trading platform that has gained significant popularity in recent years. This platform offers a wide range of investment opportunities, attracting both novice and experienced traders. If you’re a novice and you are interested in exploring the world of online trading by understanding how Binomo works, this article will provide you with all the essential information you need to get started.

Binomo is a digital options and forex trading platform that allows users to invest in various financial instruments, including currencies, commodities, and stock indices. The trading platform was established in 2014, since its inception the platform has continued to expand to different countries of the world. Currently, Binomo has active customers in more than 133 countries across the globe.

The platform allows customers to invest in rising or falling markets with binary options. There are over 200 assets and vast opportunities where their clients can invest. Currently, there are over 887,000 daily traders with Binomo with more than 30,000,000 weekly successful trades. But it is best to understand how the platform works before investing to enable you to maximize the investment opportunity optimally.

How Does Binomo Investment Work?  

Binomo investment

Before you start using Binomo, you will need to create an account on their platform. Once you’re done registering with them, you’ll have access to the trading interface. The trading interface is designed to provide real-time charts, technical indicators, and analytical tools which will help you to make informed trading decisions. Binomo offers a variety of trading options, including High/Low, Turbo, and One-Touch options, but each of the trading platforms has its own unique characteristics and timeframes.

However, Binomo works on the principle of prediction, hence when you’re trading on Binomo, you’ll need to predict the direction in which the price of a selected asset will move. And if your prediction is correct, you can earn a profit of up to 90% of your initial investment. Meanwhile, if your prediction is incorrect, you may lose the whole amount of money you invested. But Binomo provides risk management features such as stop-loss orders to help you to cushion the effect and mitigate potential losses.

Furthermore, when it comes to data protection during the trading, Binomo uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt and secure your data hence your fund is secured during the period of trading. As a matter of fact, you can deposit and withdraw money from Binomo without necessarily sharing your sensitive information like bank info,  credit card number etc with the platform. The trading platform has over twenty different graphical tools which will help you to track your charts and trading history. Not only that, Binomo gives you access to independent tabs and economic calendar integration to ease your trading experience. 

How To Invest In Binomo Investment  Platform 

To invest in Binomo, you need to follow some steps, the steps include:

  • Go to
  • Tap on the Sign up tab.
  • Fill in the binomo registration form and tap on the open account for free tab.
  • Once you complete the registration form, you’ll be redirected to the initial binary options trading account page for verification which is part of the process.
  • At the verification page, you’ll be required to provide extra personal information.
  • In the process, you can start trading outrightly.
  • Before the real trading, you must deposit some money before the proper trading.
  • If you want to deposit the fund, navigate to the cashier section.
  • Put the exact amount that you want to deposit and tap pay.
  • Once you tap on pay, you’ll be redirected to a payment gateway, at the gateway, put the required details and within shortest time, your Binomo wallet will be credited.

How To Trade On Binomo

Online trading is one of the ways to make profit but if you want to make additional income on price  fluctuations you can use fixed-time trading(FTT). Not only that, online trading requires extra experience and knowledge. To start a trade on Binomo, just follow these steps:

  • Select the preferred asset that you would like to trade on.
  • Choose the size of the trade and the duration you want it to run.
  • At this point, you’ll have to make a forecast on whether the chart will go UP or DOWN. If your prediction is correct, you may get extra income(up to 90%); but if your prediction is wrong, you may lose the whole money you invested.

How To Withdraw Funds From Binomo?

As a trader on the Binomo platform, it is important to know that you can only withdraw your funds using one of the payment methods you used during deposit. Ordinarily, it may only take a few  minutes to withdraw your money from Binomo but in some circumstances, it may take up to three days or more depending on the trader’s payment system and account. 

However, the maximum amount of money you can withdraw from Binomo on a daily basis is $3,000, on a weekly basis, the maximum amount you can withdraw is $10,000 but the maximum amount of money you can withdraw from Binomo on a monthly basis is $40,000. However, it is important to note that some payment systems may have their own withdrawal limits. Interestingly, traders on Binomo won’t pay commission when they make their withdrawals.


The least or minimum amount of money that a trader can withdraw from Binomo Platform is $10.

Who Is The Ceo Of Binomo Investment?

The chief executive officer of Binomo investment is Samuel Felix.

Binomo Investment Is It Real

Binomo investment is real and it operates in over 133 countries of the world with over 887,000 daily traders and  more than 30,000,000 weekly successful trades. The business is real.

Is Binomo Investment Legit In NIgeria?

YES. Binomo investment is legit in Nigeria. However, it is best to be aware of scammers when investing to avoid being scammed. 

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