Best Location For POS Business

Top 7 Best Location For POS Business

In the rapidly evolving world of business, the Point of Sale business system has continued to boom especially in the society where cashless policy is dominant. The POS business is very profitable but its profitability is solely determined by the place your POS center is located. The right location is very important because it not only attracts customers but it also enhances visibility and drives profitability.  

Choosing the right location for your POS business is very important because it will help in driving sales, attracting customers and generating foot traffic which is essential for the success of your POS business. When choosing the location where you wish to site your POS center it is important to consider some factors like your target audience, accessibility, internet connectivity etc. Analyze these factors properly before choosing a location for your POS  business.

Top 7 Best Location For POS Business

Best Location For POS Business

There are numerous locations where POS business can thrive and you would make more sales but we have written down the best location(s) here hence it is now left for you to choose that one that suits you. The best location for POS are outlined below:

1. Campus Or  Students Environment

Campus environments like universities, polytechnics, colleges etc is one of the best locations where Point of Sale business is booming. As we all know that most tertiary institutions in Nigeria don’t have banks, POS business has continued to thrive because students will definitely need cash that would want to carry out one transaction or the other. Hence siting your POS center within the students environment will enable you to make plenty of profits because  there will be enough customers that will be patronizing you on a daily basis. 

So if you want to start up a POS business and you are residing within the students’ environment, it would be a best decision for you to site your POS center within the campus environment to enable you to make enough profit.

2. National Youth Service Corps Orientation Camp

NYSC orientation camp is normally busy during the orientation course. And as we all know that the life within the NYSC camp is regimented which means that corps members’ movements are highly restricted hence they can’t really go out to carry out financial transactions.  And there’s no banks in the camps; the only option left for the corps members is to use POS to carry out their transactions. 

Let me burst your bubbles, during my NYSC orientation course in Iseyin camp in Oyo State, Nigeria. We were not allowed to move out of the camp for a complete three weeks and all the transactions that we did were done through the POS agent.  Unfortunately, the POS agents in the camp charged us a very high price, in fact some of them charged us up to 10% of the amount you wanted to deposit or withdraw. It wasn’t a funny experience. From my personal experience, you can agree with me that those that do their POS business in the NYSC orientation camp are cashing out big. 

3. Market Environment

Locating your POS business in a busy market environment is one of the best ways to drive sales. In markets, people will definitely come to buy and sell their products, so if you locate your business within a market environment you will have enough patronage from marketers. However, locating your POS stand in a market is not enough but locating it in a strategic place like the market entrance will go a long way to boost your POS business.

Meanwhile, since many market men and women derive much joy in discounts, it would make more sense if you give them little discounts if they carry out big transactions with you because it will help you to get more customers which will definitely increase your profit. 

4. Event Center

Event center like halls used for event celebration is also a good place to behold when citing your POS stand. In event centers people will constantly need cash to buy items or to spray. Hence, citing your POS stand in such an area will give you much profit because you will have enough profit. Meanwhile, if you locate your POS stand close to the event center, it would make more sense if you have more mints or clean naira notes because people like to spray or spend neat naira notes in events. 

5. Transportation Hubs 

Transportation hubs, such as airports, train stations, and bus terminals, attract a large volume of people passing through on a daily basis. These locations offer a captive audience, presenting an opportunity for increased exposure and customer acquisition. Travelers often have time to spare while waiting for their transportation, making them more likely to explore nearby Point of Sale options. Hence it makes sense to consider positioning your POS business near these hubs, focusing on convenience and quick service to cater to the needs of time-conscious travelers.

6. Tourist Destinations 

 Tourist destinations are another  lucrative locations for a POS business. Places that are visited frequently  by tourists, such as popular vacation spots, historical landmarks, or cultural centers, provide a unique opportunity to capture a diverse customer base. Travelers often seek convenience, making them more likely to engage with a well-placed POS business.  So you can decide to cite your POS stand within a tourist center by partnering with the local tour operators to offer financial services to tourists and make your profit. 

7. Malls

Another  best location for POS business is the mall since it is a home to different kinds of stores, businesses, restaurants etc. Hence, locating your POS stand within a mall will be highly profitable because it is normally busy and people would always carry out financial transactions. 


Selecting the best location for your POS business plays a critical role in determining its success. Busy commercial areas, tourist destinations, and transportation hubs are among the top choices. However, remember that the  success of your POS business is not solely reliant on location but it also relies on you being able to provide exceptional customer experiences and leveraging on modern technology. By carefully analyzing your target market and aligning your business goals with a strategic location, you can position your POS business for long-term growth and profitability.

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