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Amali POS: Price, Charges, Daily Target, How to Apply, etc

In today’s guide, we will be discussing the Amali POS machine. Let’s get started. 

If you want to get the Amali POS machine for your business but don’t know how it works or how to go about it, no worries; we are here to guide you. The Amali POS machine is used to carry out a variety of financial services, just like other brands.

It is important to note that Amali doesn’t sell its POS machine; hence, even if you get the machine, it won’t be yours since you’re only required to pay an onboarding fee and not an outright purchase. They also charge a certain fee when you use the machine to make cahs withdrawals and transfer fund.

So it is imperative to know how this POS machine works and their charges to enable you to compare it with others to know if it is okay for you or not. In the subsequent sections, we shall be discussing Amali POS machine in detail. Stay tuned!

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Why choose Amali POS?

As a business owner, the Amali POS machine can boost your sales; hence, it becomes imperative to get yours to enable you to scale up. Some of the reasons why you may need an Amali POS machine include:

  • Seamless top-up of the agent’s wallet
  • The machine enhances cash withdrawals and fund transfers
  • It has USSD features; hence, cardless withdrawal is possible
  • It also offers hassle-free bill payment option
  • There is provision for agent to monitor their transactions in real time. 
  • The Amali POS machine also offers an airtime/data top-up option.

Amali POS Application Documents

To apply for an Amali POS machine, applicants are required to provide relevant document. The necessary documents are outlined below:

  • Valid means of identification, like NIN, driver’s license, international passport.
  • Utility bill receipts, like NEPA bill receipts and water bill receipts
  • Recent passport photograph
  • Completed agent application form
  • An agreement form
  • Guarantor’s form.

How to Apply for Amali POS Machine

You can apply for the Amali POS machine through their aggregators or by visiting their physical office. Before you can apply, it is important to have the relevant documents handy for a seamless application. If you have all the required documents, you can proceed to apply.

The easiest way to apply for the Amali POS machine is by reaching out to their aggregators. They have aggregators in almost all the states in Nigeria. Hence, it is left for you to locate any of them nearest to you to enable you to get yours.

On the other hand, you can also get an Amali POS machine by visiting their physical office. Once you check in at their office, you can meet their staff and request the POS machine. Follow the instructions they will give you, and you will be able to get the machine.

 Amali POS Price

According to a reliable source from the company, the Amali POS machine is not for sale. This means that you can’t pay for the terminal upfront; hence, the machine can’t be yours since it is not for sale

However, agents are required to pay the sum of N15,000 for the onboarding or registration fee. This fee doesn’t make you the automatic owner of the machine since the company reserves the right to retrieve it from you whenever you violate the terms of operation.

Amali POS Daily Target

As with some POS companies that have a daily target, the Amali POS machine is not an exception since it has its own daily target that agents must meet to continue using the machine.

This daily target is designed to make agents committed to performing many transactions daily, irrespective of the transaction amount. Their target is not amount-dependent; they are only interested in the number of transactions you carry out daily and monthly.

The Amali POS daily target is 16 transactions and their cumulative monthly transactions are 400. Agents are expected to meet these target to be able tocontinuously use the POS machine. If an agent fails to meet this target for a consecutive month, Amali may be pushed to retrieve their terminal. So, ensure that you meet the targets to avoid being sanctioned.

Amali POS Charges

Amali charges 0.55% for all withdrawals done with their terminal. However, the withdrawal charges are capped at 100. This means that the highest amount that you can be charged if you use the Amali POS machine to make a withdrawal is ₦100, irrespective of the amount withdrawn.

Additionally, Amali charges a flat rate of ₦25 for all fund transfers done with the terminal up to ₦250,000. This means that whenever you transfer money with this POS terminal, you will be charged ₦25. 

Amali POS Customer Care Number

For inquiries or questions that concern the Amali POS machine, you can contact their customer care representative through their handles below: 

Call: +234 908 805 0644


Office: 10B, Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos


Amali POS machine is one of the POS brands in Nigeria that is used to carry out different kinds of financial transactions, like withdrawal, bill payments, transfers, etc. The machine charges different fees when you use it to make cash withdrawals and fund transfers. Getting the POS terminal is not difficult since you can get it by just walking into their office.

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