Airtel SmartCash POS
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Airtel SmartCash POS: How to Apply,  Price, etc.

Airtel SmartCah is a payment payment service bank (PSB) that provides different financial services like accounts for savings, debit cards, bill payments, etc. for their esteemed users. They incorporated POS machine into their banking services to ensure seamless financial transactions. 

This POS machine has unique features, like a pre-activated SIM card with unlimited data, which differentiates it from other POS brands. So, if you get this POS for your business, you will not need to bother yourself about buying it for your transactions since it has an unlimited data subscription. Also, their charges are low when compared to other popular POS brands in the country.

Applying for an Airtel SmartCash POS machine is quite simple since interested individuals can get it by visiting any Airtel outlets nearest to them or by applying for it online. Interestingly, their price is relatively cheap and affordable too. 

Why Airtel SmartCash POS Machine

Airtel SmartCash POS

There are numerous reasons why you may consider using Airtel SmartCash POS machine for your business. They include:

  • It has pre-activated free SIM card that you can use for transactions.
  • The POS machine has unlimited data subscription.
  • Their charges is among the lowest among other POS brands.
  • The terminal can be used for different transactions, like cash withdrawals, fund transfers, bill payments, airtime and data top-ups, cable subscriptions, etc. 

Requirements to Apply for Airtel SmartCash POS

To apply for the Airtel SmartCash POS machine, the following documents are required: They include:

  • National ID Number (NIN)
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Recent utility bill receipt
  • Functional phone number
  • Active email address.

Apart from the documents mentioned above, there are other details that you need to keep handy, such as your full name, date of birth, state of residence, region, etc. 

Smartcash POS Agent: How to Apply

Applying for an Airtel SmartCash POS machine is pretty simple. Follow the steps below to become an agent. 

  • Download the POS application form online from the Airtel official website or obtain it from any Airtel outlet nearest to you.
  • Complete the application form by inputting your relevant details, like full name, date of birth, state, region, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Upload supporting documents like utility bill receipt, valid ID card, and a recent passport photograph.
  • Wait for their review; if your application is approved, you will be invited for training where you are going to learn how to use the POS machine. 
  • Make necessary payment when needed.
  • Finally, you can start using the SmartCas POS machine for your transactions.

Airtel Smartcash POS Price

You will need to pay an application fee of between ₦10,000 and ₦15,000. This price is not the purchasing price since you are not allowed to outright purchase the Airtel Smartcash POS machine. 

So, they reserve the right to retrieve their POS terminal if you go against their terms and conditions. 

Airtel Smartcash POS Limit

While there is no specific limit to the number of transactions that you can perform with the Smartcash POS machine, you can only spend the money deposited in your wallet. Also, the maximum withdrawals that agents can withdraw on a daily basis may vary depending on the CBN’s regulatory policies. 

Smartcash POS Customer Care Number

As an avid user of the Smartcash POS terminal, if you encounter any challenges when using the terminal to perform transactions, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer care unit for assistance through their handles below:

Call: 09125-939-939



Airtel SmartCash POS machines come with pre-activated SIM card with unlimited data that agents can use to perform various transactions. Their charges are among the lowest when compared with other POS brands in the country. Applying for the terminal is quite simple since you can do it from the comfort of your home or by visiting any Airtel outlet nearest to you. However, if you encounter any issues when using the machine, you can reach out to their customer care unit for assistance. 

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