Airtel SmartCash POS Charges
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Airtel SmartCash POS Charges 2024: Latest Charges

While the Airtel SmartCash POS machine can be used to perform a variety of financial transactions, they also charge different fees when people use the POS machine to make cash withdrawals and fund transfers.

This charge is common with other popular POS brands in the country, and their charges are competitive when compared with others.

However, as a user or intending user of the Airtel SmartCash POS machine, it is important for you to know the charges to enable you to utilize their services with ease. Once you know their charges, you will be able to make informed decision before using it to perform your financial transactions.

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Does Airtel SmartCash POS charge high fees?

Airtel SmartCash POS Charges

While they charge different fees for cash withdrawals and fund transfers, their fees are competitive with those of other popular POS brands in the market.

In the simplest terms, Airtel SmartCash POS charges are not exorbitant; the charges are relatively low. 

However, if you want to get a POS terminal for your business, it is best for you to compare the prices of other popular brands with those of Airtel SmartCash to know which one best suits you.

Airtel POS Machine Charges

Just like other POS brands in the country that charge fees when you make certain financial transactions with their terminals, Airtel Smart Cash POS is not an exception since users are charged fee when they perform transactions like cash withdrawals, fund transfers, etc. 

So, if you want to use the terminal for your business, it is important for you to know the different fees that Airtel charges users when they make use of the POS machine. 

Knowing the charges will not only help you manage your finances with ease but it will also enable you to make an informed decision before opting for the terminal. Hence, it has become imperative to know their different charges.

When you use the Airtel smartcash POS machine to make a withdrawal, you will be charged different fees, unlike when you use the same terminal for fund transfers.

Airtel SmartCash POS Withdrawal Charges

As we noted earlier in the introduction, Airtel SmartCash charges different fees when agents use their POS machine for cash withdrawals. The charges differ depending on the amount withdrawn. 

For withdrawals between ₦1,000 and ₦20,000, Airtel SmartCash charges ₦5 for each ₦1,000 withdrawn. The breakdown is below:

₦1,000 – ₦5

₦5,000 – ₦25

₦10,000 – ₦50

₦15,000 – ₦75

₦20,000 – ₦100

For withdrawals above ₦20,000, Airtel SmartCash charges a ₦100 flat rate. This means that if you make withdrawals that are above ₦20,000, till infinity, with the Airtel SmartCash POS, you will only be charged ₦100. This fee is relatively competitive when compared with other popular POS brands in the country.

Airtel SmartCash POS Deposit Charges

Whenever you use the Airtel SmartCash POS machine to transfer money to any financial institution, you will be charged a ₦15 fee. This fee is fixed. So, if you use their terminal to transfer money, you will be charged ₦15 for such a transaction, irrespective of the amount you transfer.

So, anytime you make a transfer with the Airtel SmartCash POS terminal, you will only be charged ₦15, irrespective of the amount. Whether you transfer a small or large amount of money with this POS machine, you will be charged ₦15. This charge is relatively cheap when compared with other brands.


Airtel SmartCash charges different fees when you use their POS terminal to make cash withdrawals and transfer funds. They charge ₦5 for each ₦1,000 withdrawn that is below ₦20,000. However, for withdrawals above ₦20,000, they charge a ₦100 flat rate. Meanwhile, for fund transfers, they charge a ₦15 flat rate, irrespective of the amount.

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