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13 Eco Friendly Business Ideas For Students(Very Profitable)

Recently. There has been an  increasing call for a sustainable environment which can be achieved through engaging in eco friendly businesses. As a student, with innovative thinking and passion for change, you can play a vital role in promoting environmentally conscious business ideas. This eco-friendly business will help you to contribute your quota towards a sustainable future, not only that you will also make lots of money by engaging in eco-friendly businesses because it is lucrative since the world needs to reduce emissions of harmful substances to the ecosystem. 

What Is Green Or Eco Friendly Business?

Green business is a kind of business that conducts its operations in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. It involves implementing practices that minimize resource consumption, reduce waste generation, and promote ecological balance. This business is designed to achieve a harmonious coexistence between economic growth and environmental stewardship. The sole aim of green business is to make money while reducing emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. 

Eco Friendly Business Ideas For Students

1. Bicycle Repair And Refurbishing

For decades, cycling has remained a viable means of transportation both for old and young, especially for short distance journeys, cycling may never go out style hence starting bicycle repair will be a very lucrative business and as well help you to sustain the future since it is eco-friendly. 

Unlike other means of transportation like bikes, cars etc that emit carbon monoxide into the atmosphere leading to ozone layer depletion, bicycles are eco friendly and they don’t emit toxic substances to the environment. Repairing a bicycle will help you make money since the number of people using it kept increasing daily in the recent past. Not only repairing a good bicycle, you may also decide to refurbish an old damaged bicycle and resell it to make money while sustaining the environment. 

2. Sustainable Fashion And Accessories

Sustainable Fashion And Accessories

The fashion industry has a significant environmental footprint. As a student, you can create a sustainable fashion business by sourcing eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, bamboo, or recycled fabrics. Design and produce clothing, accessories, or even upcycled fashion items that promote ethical practices and environmentally-friendly fashion choices. Sustainable fashion and accessories will bring lots of money because the raw material is readily available at now cost. So as a student once you finish designing it, you can cash out big time. 

3. Ink Refill business

Ink refilling business is environmentally friendly and profitable at the same time. You may be wondering how it works, no worries! Let me burst your bubbles. We know that old ink cartridges can’t be broken down by microbes hence leading to environmental hazards so by reusing the old ink cartridges will go a long way in reducing the number of harmful waste in the landfills. As you reduce the number of old ink cartridges through ink refilling you will also make your money by selling it to people that will need it. Hence it is a win win for you and the ecosystem.

4. Green Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning Services

With the increasing demand for eco-friendly cleaning products, starting a green cleaning service can be a lucrative opportunity. All you have to do is to use environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning agents and techniques to provide services to residential and commercial clients.  While offering your quality cleaning solutions use the opportunity to promote the benefits of a chemical-free environment and why it should be sustained.

5. Grow Healing Tea And Herbs

Perhaps, if you don’t have enough space for a large garden to produce your fresh products, you can still use other alternatives like pots to grow your flowers and herbs. Growing of healing tea and medicinal herbs are very profitable and eco friendly too. Those flowers and herbs when grown will help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by absorbing it while releasing oxygen which will lead to environmental sustainability.

Once those healing teas and medicinal herbs matures, you can harvest them and sell them to those that may need and make your money during the process.

6. Create And Sell Organic Beauty Products

Creating and selling organic beauty products is another way of maintaining an eco-friendly environment while cashing out big time. You can use the Do It Yourself model model to create different kinds of organic products. As we are all aware that branded name products may cause more harm than good and that is why many people are switching to organic products as given to us by mother nature. So producing organic products of any kind be it soap, cream etc can go along in giving you financial independence as a student while you still contribute your quota to environmental sustainability. 

7. Upcycled Crafts And Products 

Transforming waste materials into unique and creative products will help to maintain an eco friendly environment while you make your money too. You can create upcycled crafts like jewelry, home decor, or furniture using discarded items such as bottle caps, pallets, or fabrics. Promote the concept of upcycling to reduce waste and also try to  inspire others to find beauty in repurposed goods.

8. Support Renewable Energy

Recently, homeowners have started switching to renewable energy like installing solar systems in their homes for power generation. As a student, you can cue into this scheme by learning how to install the renewable energy resources like solar panels and how to maintain it. By doing so, you will be able to maintain an eco-friendly environment while making your money too. You can give it a try today.

9. Recycling and Waste Management

As an innovative student, you can promote responsible waste management by offering recycling services to businesses and households. It involves collecting recyclables such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal, and ensuring they are properly processed. Educate clients about the importance of recycling and how it contributes to a cleaner environment. Once processed, you will be paid some percentage and you will be able to make your money to support your studies.

10. Organic Gardening And Urban Farming

This involves Utilizing available space, such as rooftops, balconies, or community gardens, to cultivate organic produce. Offer fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits through a subscription-based model or sell them at local farmers’ markets. You can also use the medium to  encourage sustainable practices like composting and permaculture to minimize waste and maximize productivity.

11. Eco-Friendly Event Planning 

This involves Organizing eco-conscious events such as sustainable weddings, conferences, and festivals. You will have to incorporate renewable energy sources, minimize waste through composting and recycling, and promote local and organic vendors. Here, you’ll also need to educate attendees about sustainable practices, inspiring them to make eco-friendly choices in their daily lives.

12. Renewable Energy Consultancy 

As a student, you can become a renewable energy consultant and assist individuals and businesses in transitioning to renewable energy sources. Your major role will be to provide guidance on solar panels, wind turbines, and energy-efficient systems. You can also help in promoting the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy, helping clients reduce their carbon footprint.

13. Eco-Tourism Ventures

This involves harnessing the beauty of nature by creating eco-friendly tourism experiences. You may decide to develop hiking tours, wildlife conservation programs, or eco-lodges that prioritize sustainable practices. During the tour, you should emphasize the importance of preserving natural habitats, wildlife, and supporting local communities.

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