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FirstMonie POS Charges: Withdrawals, Transfers, Deposits, etc. 

FirstMonie POS, owned and managed by First Bank, is an agency of banking that is aimed at serving the underbanked and unbanked populace in Nigeria.  While the POS machine can be used to perform different financial transactions, First Bank charges different fees when agents use the machine to perform some transactions. First Bank charges different […]

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Amali POS: Price, Charges, Daily Target, How to Apply, etc

In today’s guide, we will be discussing the Amali POS machine. Let’s get started.  If you want to get the Amali POS machine for your business but don’t know how it works or how to go about it, no worries; we are here to guide you. The Amali POS machine is used to carry out […]

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Top 7 Best Locations For POS Business

Probably you want to start a POS business but don’t know the best location to situate it! You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to put you through it shortly.  Currently, the point-of-sale business system has continued to thrive, especially in regions where cashless policies are dominant. The POS business is very profitable. The […]

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Moniepoint POS Registration: Become an Agent

Regisitering and getting the Moniepoint POS machine will go a long way toward boosting your business and financial management. A POS machine will enable you to manage your business effectively, especially in this dispensation where transactions are going digitally. Aside from being a business owner, an individual can become a POS agent since it is […]

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5 Disadvantages Of Kudi POS That You Should Know

Point-of-sale (POS) systems have continued to play a crucial role in facilitating seamless payment transactions for businesses since the introduction of cashless policies in Nigeria. Kudi POS is one of such system that has gained popularity in the recent past. The Kudi POS machine is also called Nomba  Even though Kudi POS offers numerous benefits […]

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POS Machine Price In Nigeria (Current Price)

Currently, the POS business in Nigeria has continued to gain popularity due to its profitability and wide coverage. Because of its increasing popularity, the point-of-sale machine price has continued to increase. It would interest you to know that around 2013, when POS business was introduced in Nigeria, many companies gave out their POS terminals free […]

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Hydrogen POS Machine: How to Apply, Charges, Price, Daily Target, etc. 

If you want to become the Hydrogen POS agent or you’ve got the terminal but don’t know how to use it, then this comprehensive guide will be of immeasurable help to you. The Hydrogen POS machine from Access Bank is designed to help businesses and individuals carry out their transactions with ease. The POS machine […]

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DotPay POS Machine: Charges, Price, Daily Target, How to Apply, and More

DotPay is one of the newly launched fintech companies in Nigeria. They offer different kinds of financial services, like fund transfers, cash withdrawals, and even loans, and above all, they give out POS machines to interested businesses and individuals. They have been in existence for over a year and they have offered lots of financial […]

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Moniepoint POS Customer Care: Phone number, Office, Live-chat, Email support 

Contacting Moniepoint customer care units is important, especially if you have issues accessing their POS machine or want to make an inquiry about their services. As one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in Nigeria, Moniepoint offers different financial services, including giving out POS terminals to customers. So, it is important to know the means to […]

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Moniepoint POS Withdrawal Charges: Latest Charges

Moniepoint is one of the leading fintech companies in Nigeria. The company has been providing innovative financial solutions to millions of individuals and businesses across the country. As a fintech company, Moniepoint offers numerous financial services, including withdrawal services. However, as with other financial institutions, Moniepoint charges fees when you make a withdrawal using their […]

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